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reef a sail in

to reduce the area of a ship's sail, by folding the sail. The first mate ordered the sailors to reef the sails in. They had to reef in the sails.
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1. n. a refrigerator. A new reefer costs nearly $1,000!
2. and reef n. cannabis; a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs. Akin to greefo.) He had a fat reef in his hand when he was busted.


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Reefy pledged to work relentlessly for reaching the truth within the International Tribunal; adding that Lebanon is before "a golden chance to eliminate the concept of escaping punishment, whereby justice shall be applicable to all.
Dr Al Reefy said the region needs to immediately address common risk factors that trigger NCDs, including the lack of physical activity resulting in obesity, smoking and unhealthy diet.
Hariri praised the significant and extraordinary role played by Reefy in service of the nation, ensuring the protection and safety of citizens on all Lebanese territories.
This comes in respect of laws and legislations, whereby no one can remain in the same place permanently," added Reefy.
Bahrain Cancer Society vice-president Dr Sara Al Reefy gave a presentation on breast cancer, while Art of Living Faculty Dr Bhramara Madduri offered an insight into the healing powers of breathing, and breast cancer.
NNA - Caretaking Information Minister, Walid Daouk, considered that the cabinet's resignation came as no surprise due to the pending issue of elections' supervision body and failure to renew top security officials' mandate, as is the case of Internal Security Forces' Director General Ashraf Reefy.
It will be conducted by society vice-president Dr Sara Al Reefy who works as a general and breast surgeon at Salmaniya Medical Complex.
NNA - In an issued statement by Former Prime Minister Sd Hariri's media bureau on Sunday, it indicated that Hariri has contacted Army Commander, General Jean Kahwaji, and Internal Security Director General, Brigadier General Ashraf Reefy.
Family members of the deceased also addressed the crowd, expressing sincere gratitude to President of the Republic, General Michel Sleiman; former PM Saad Hariri; Internal Security Forces Director General, Ashraf Reefy, and all members of security and military institutions.
Hariri also contacted for the same purpose former PM Saad Hariri and Fuad Siniora, as well as Interior Minister Marwan Charbel; Army Commander Jean Kahwaji and Internal Security Forces Director General Ashraf Reefy.
NNA - 11/8/2012 - Internal Security Forces Director General Ashraf Reefy praised on Saturday the efforts exerted by the "Information Department" in light of its latest accomplishments in combating terrorism crimes.
On the other hand, Internal Security Director General Ashraf Reefy left Beirut today heading for the City of Jeddah in the Saudi Kingdom.
Reefy was accorded the Faculty's Shield and the Center's Citation in appreciation of his relentless efforts in ensuring security and stability in the nation of the cedars, Lebanon
NNA reporter also indicated that the security forces did not resort to any use of power at any interval during the whole episode of rebellion, in implementation of Caretaker Interior and Municipality Minister, Ziad Baroud' s instructions, and under the supervision of Internal Security Director General, Ashraf Reefy, and Gendarme Commander, Brigadier-General Salah Jubran.