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redound on someone

to have an effect on someone. The hot weather has redounded on all of us in a bad way. The problems created by your mistake have redounded on the entire company.
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US Airways' close relationship with Airbus, which traces to long before the manufacturer helped fund the airline's exit from bankruptcy, could redound to Airbus's benefit.
The message here should resound with corporate executives and redound to their benefit.
This practice, of course, did not redound to the benefit of the women or children.
While I would have preferred reference to "anti-Jewish" rather than "anti-Semitism" as I still consider "Semitic" to refer to language and physical appearance not religion, perhaps the much-widened definition and its wider use may redound to the advantage of Christianity too, in the longer run.
His policy of increasing the fees paid by university students at Cardiff and elsewhere will redound to his acute discredit.
The significant reduction of harmful particulates and black smoke from the buses will redound to the benefit of all Bostonians, but especially to asthmatic children, seniors, and others with respiratory problems.
Aside from the Taliban, nowhere more than in China are we so clearly subsidizing an enemy of the United States, yet large numbers of Americans seem to accept reassurances that our "investments" in China will somehow redound to our long-term benefit.
Supporters of the antigay measures also contend that September 11's terrible events may actually redound to their favor: Gary Glenn, Michigan director of the American Family Association, an antigay group based in Tupelo, Miss.
The religious climate fostered a rush to sanctity among women from all social classes, but women from the lower classes may have had the edge in attracting attention because their gifts might seem to redound more splendidly to God's glory than those of highborn women" (95).
The government persuaded them to give way to the project, assuring them that this will redound to their economic well-being.
Women are so inclined to vote Democratic that a Republican drive to get out the women's vote may actually redound to the Democrats' advantage.
It is incumbent upon the government to demonstrate that a revised GST system or its alternative will redound to the benefit of all Canadians.
The numerous benefits of the ICITAP Program redound both to the foreign recipients and to U.
No doubt, the cooperation will not only assure success of both the companies but also redound to our multitudinous customers' advantage," commented Tanya Rezler, Assistant Manager at Partners Department at Market Publishers Ltd.