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As gay rights became increasingly politically-acceptable within the middle class, the image of the bigoted homophobe was imposed on the working-class redneck.
He asks for my identification and only then do I remember the Redneck.
We dragged him into the car as Carl hit the accelerator, dust flying everywhere and the rednecks chasing after us, yelling and screaming: "Come back here and fight, you English faggots
Culled from Foxworthy's stand-up routines--incidentally, his comedy albums are the best-selling of all time, with over 14,000,000 in circulation--You Might Be a Redneck If .
That's incredible," says the redneck, who runs home to tell his friend he is taking a class in logic.
missing links or genetic mutations" that live "within the realm of redneck cinema.
Like his topsy-turvy story "The Appropriation of Cultures," the author turns the subject of the dreaded Confederate flag on its head when a black man, who plays guitar, purchases a truck owned by a redneck, complete with a rebel decal.
But the job is not as easy as Top has anticipated and he finds himself caught in a tangled web that consist of several determined Civil War Memorabilia collectors, the KKK, redneck bikers, ATF agents, and a right-wing religious organization.
In the new book Hick Flicks: The Rise and Fall of Redneck Cinema (McFarland), Scott Von Doviak gives us an entertaining and illuminating look at their world.
This leads to a local redneck militia group and the kidnaping of Cassie's stepson Adam.
The late, great Bill Hicks once told a joke about how an Alabama redneck came up to him one night.
In my view they need not have apologized for the remark to appease redneck disc jockeys.
The only difference between Brooklyn, NY and Birmingham, AL is that you can't get a gun rack in a Trans Am," starts the book's blurb, continuing with "This is the cold, hard, hilarious conclusion of Redneck Nation.
The image of the farmer as the salt of the earth, independent son of the soil, and child of nature is a sort of lantern slide projected over the image of the farmer as simpleton, hick, or redneck.
Ted Byfield, The Book of Ted: Epistles from an unrepentant redneck, Quality Colour Press, Edmonton, 1998, 269 pages, hardcover, $34.