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redeem (one)self

To make amends for one's past misdeeds or shortcomings by doing something positive. Matt's grades were not great at the beginning of the semester, but he's totally redeemed himself and gotten A's on every test since. My sister was mad at me for not spending time with her, so I redeemed myself by getting us tickets to see her favorite band.
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redeeming feature

A good quality or aspect that makes up for other drawbacks, as in The house isn't very attractive, but the garden is the redeeming feature. This idiom, first recorded in 1827, uses redeem in the sense of "compensate."
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a redeeming ˈfeature

something good or positive about somebody/something that is otherwise bad: Her one redeeming feature is her generosity.The only redeeming feature of the hotel was the swimming pool. Apart from that, it was the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in.
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If the acquisition is a straight asset reorganization (A, C or acquisitive D reorganization), the redeeming corporation is the transferee or acquiring corporation.
Therefore, the entire proceeds from the sale of X stock to Y was treated as dividend income to the redeeming trust.
Visa Extras was designed to help address these needs of small business owners in both earning points and redeeming their points for meaningful rewards.
Jim Jacobson, President of Christian Freedom International, an international Christian aid organization, renews his challenge to anyone who supports redeeming slaves to "end slavery, not buy slaves" in Sudan.
This year, Hilton HHonors(R) members can make their holiday cash go further by redeeming their HHonors points for gifts for everyone on their lists.
Illinois Power is redeeming the Preferred Securities because it has determined it economical to eliminate the associated high-interest payment obligations.
Gift Check Solutions uses the Automated Clearing House Association (ACH) to move the funds from one account (franchised or corporate-owned), to the redeeming store.
99 shipping and handling fee will be required from the consumer; an additional $1 fee will be required for consumers redeeming software titles by mail.
Spiegel has recognized the additional revenue potential and cost savings of issuing and redeeming Internet-based incentive gift certificates, in addition to their existing hard copy gift certificates," stated Bill Honnef, president of ExpressGold.