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It's interesting to have to rely on a stranger to redeem yourself.
If she was not, this will put you in a very difficult position, and you must redeem yourself to continue enjoying a cordial working relationship with her, which is very critical for your success in your current role and career growth.
Since it's back-to-back games, you have a chance to redeem yourself quickly,' he said in Filipino.
In a message back to Dermot Conway, Abigail wrote: "I gave you an opportunity to redeem yourself but you demonstrated your entire scope of sexist remarks and quite frankly, this is the 21st century and sexism is no longer excusable.
In other sports if you fall off or make a mistake you can have another shot and redeem yourself, but that's the nature of our sport.
Here is your chance to redeem yourself and your party.
The advantage to series interviews is that, while they may be tiring, there is room to redeem yourself if one doesn't go so well.
But if Israel's mission against Hamas really is accomplished you could redeem yourself.
IF YOU'VE had a wee bit of a public relations problem, this is how you redeem yourself.
The sooner you address the issue with your client, the greater the likelihood that you'll have an opportunity to redeem yourself.
Mistakes happen - but you can't sit there and think about it for the next 15 minutes, you have to get out there a minute later and redeem yourself.
You are punished to be reminded of the wrong you did and give you a chance to redeem yourself in society by repenting and committing to never go back, to have remorse and to try to be a good citizen in society.
We are lucky in this business that you can redeem yourself after a defeat.
You can play like a dog all day long but one great shot and you can redeem yourself.