rededicate oneself or to

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rededicate oneself or something to someone or something

to reaffirm the dedication of oneself or something to someone or something. I must ask you to rededicate yourself to our high purposes. They rededicated their church to God.
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Today, just as we gather to rededicate this statue, we pledge to rededicate ourselves to honor the bravest that our nation has to offer," said Vince McGowan , President of the United War Veterans Council.
This month, we recognize the significant challenges that Americans with autism face and rededicate ourselves to these efforts to address them.
CEREMONY: Members of the RNA and Friends of Cathays Cemetery rededicate the grave of World War I hero John Cleal
Golden Valley also found a starting quarterback in Trevon Smith, who looked sharp against Santa Paula after leaving Golden Valley a year ago for greener pastures -- spending the 2005 season playing JV football at Crespi High of Encino -- before coming home to rededicate himself to the Grizzlies.
The Rev Paul Wilkinson is now set to rededicate it in a special service on June 22.
The ten-panel window was restored in a project funded by the Guardians of St Alphege, and the new rector will rededicate it during a special service next Sunday.
I challenge each of us to rededicate ourselves to five basic principles:
FAMILIES of the Omagh bomb victims gathered yesterday to rededicate the remembrance garden wrecked by vandals.
Mandela also charge those present with the task of improving their environment, urging, "Let us use this national tree-planting day to rededicate ourselves to the cause of environmentalism.
In this season of darkness, we affirm that no matter how dark the days or fierce the oppressor, we shall continue to do what Hanukkah literally means and rededicate our selves to seeing the light that illuminates our lives, warms our spirits and brings past and future together around the glowing menorah of Hanukkah.
Newcastle United will hold a service at St James's Park on Tuesday to rededicate a plaque which lists those connected with United who died and those who served in the First World War.
Embracing innovative medical treatments for dependency allows our patients to benefit from significant medical advances and helps the entire treatment community to rededicate their efforts to continue waging the war against dependency.
This physical fitness test is just one more reminder that we need to rededicate our commitment to turn this trend around,'' O'Connell said.
All around the country, UAW local unions are taking time to remember victims of injury and illness on the job, and to rededicate ourselves to preventing these tragedies in the future.
Years of painstaking research into the names of victims paid off when a special ceremony was held to rededicate a South Tyneside First World War memorial.