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raw recruit

a new, inexperienced, or fresh recruit, such as someone just entering the army, navy, police, etc. These boys are nothing but raw recruits. They've never seen a gun up close!
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recruit someone for something

to seek and engage someone for something. Harry had to recruit a few people for the new jobs that opened up. We recruited three more people for the project.
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recruit someone from something

to convince someone to leave something and join one's own group. Phyllis recruited a new work team from the company she used to work for. We recruited a number of people from private industry.
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recruit someone into something

to seek out and induct someone into something. The recruitment office tried to recruit ten people a week into the army. The army recruited almost no one during the month of December.
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marine (recruit)

and marine officer
n. an empty beer or liquor bottle. (see also dead soldier, dead marine. These expressions are probably meant as derogatory to either marines or officer.) Every now and then the gentle muttering of the customers was accented by the breaking of a marine as it hit the floor. There’s a marine officer laying in the fireplace.
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Veloso's recruiter became a drug mule in 2009 after the Afro-American's live-in partner, who resides in Quezon City, recruited.
In fact, Air Force Reserve recruiters have the best accession-per-recruiter ratio (36-to-l) in the entire Department of Defense.
LinkedIn had launched the CheckIn app earlier this year for recruiters that helped curate and manage information about candidates.
My mission with this book is to increase the rate at which technical recruiters are able to realistically match candidates to job descriptions, and the confidence to communicate unrealistic technical requirements goals to hiring managers," says Obi Ogbanufe, the author of Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter.
Most contacts, however, are simply sources to help recruiters get closer to what they are looking for, and you're not sabotaging your team just because someone other than you may have good ideas for the recruiter.
Recommendation: The Secretary of Defense should direct the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness to include the appropriate disclosures concerning data limitations in the recruiter irregularity reports that OSD produces on the basis of the National Guard data for the Congress and others.
Yahoo HotJobs Vice President and General Manager Chris Merritt said the program is designed to help recruiters deal with the "resume overload" that has come with the recession and rising unemployment.
Candidates who are fortunate to reach third base are then interviewed by the hiring organization at the recommendation of the recruiter, and one fortunate individual will be offered the job--a home run
For example, a recruiter can study historical data to select what day of the month he should provide a specific briefing for a certain high school, to target a grade level where students are historically interested in enlisting in the Army.
Recruiters also visit schools to inform educators about the services the military has to offer to all students, even those not interested in the military.
Officials confirmed a second inquiry in Colorado, pointing to news reports about recruiters who are accused of offering information on fake diplomas and ways to get around drug tests and physical fitness requirements.
The Executive Recruiter Index was based on a quarterly survey of 185 Korn/Ferry International consultants, who serve the world's largest corporations and nonprofit organizations.
FileMaker Recruiter is designed to quickly identify the most important relationships and skills contained in each recruiter's network of contacts and resources.
The recruiter may use every aspect of the Enhanced CD to emphasize key points and address common issues raised in the chat forum.