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raw recruit

a new, inexperienced, or fresh recruit, such as someone just entering the army, navy, police, etc. These boys are nothing but raw recruits. They've never seen a gun up close!
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recruit someone for something

to seek and engage someone for something. Harry had to recruit a few people for the new jobs that opened up. We recruited three more people for the project.
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recruit someone from something

to convince someone to leave something and join one's own group. Phyllis recruited a new work team from the company she used to work for. We recruited a number of people from private industry.
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recruit someone into something

to seek out and induct someone into something. The recruitment office tried to recruit ten people a week into the army. The army recruited almost no one during the month of December.
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marine (recruit)

and marine officer
n. an empty beer or liquor bottle. (see also dead soldier, dead marine. These expressions are probably meant as derogatory to either marines or officer.) Every now and then the gentle muttering of the customers was accented by the breaking of a marine as it hit the floor. There’s a marine officer laying in the fireplace.
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Getting recognized and actively recruited is the first stage.
Some minority ethnic policemen and women leave but Papeveld points out that this is not always due to negative experiences--some get recruited by government or the private sector.
We have our finger on the pulse of a lot of what's going on just by virtue of being with the hiring chief and the person being recruited and following up afterward.
Ideally this would be an individual recently recruited from the same school.
Being recruited by Notre Dame was a great experience,'' Bush said.
The lower threshold Type 1 MUs are recruited first, then, if necessary Type 2A, and finally the higher threshold Type 2B MUs.
During his two year tenure, he built a world-class recruiting team that recruited over 800 employees and exceeded goals every quarter while maintaining a below-industry-standard cost-per-hire.
Ann Camden/Mary Haines who recruited Heather Murphy
UCLA recruited the defensive lineman, too, but then-coach Bob Toledo never made it to the campus.
During the fabled first 100 days of Franklin Roosevelt's administration, the president's lieutenants recruited with a personal zeal that bordered on the missionary.
John has recruited and hired literally dozens of candidates, and worked with countless recruiting firms to build his teams.
Stan Koenigsfeld, Brownfield, recruited Shelly Udell.
And instead of recruiting Cory Paus, he recruited UCLA.
In addition, to make keeping employees even more difficult, companies are finding that their employees are frequently being recruited to competing businesses.