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on the road to (something)

Following a course of action that results in a particular outcome. They'll be on the road to financial ruin if they keep up such extravagant spending. Now that my father has switched doctors, he's finally on the road to recovery.
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on the road to recovery

Cliché recovering; getting better; improving. It's been two weeks since her surgery, and she is on the road to recovery.
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on the ˌroad to reˈcovery, ˈstardom, etc.

on the way to achieving something desirable: The operation was a success and the patient is now well on the road to recovery.After many years struggling to get their company started, they are now firmly on the road to success.
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in recovery

In the process of participating in a group or program providing treatment and support for a longstanding psychological or behavioral problem, such as abuse, addiction, grief, or trauma.
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Circuit holding that such awards constituted taxable back pay recoveries, while the Sixth Circuit found that a Title VII recovery was not taxable, constituting damages received on account of personal injuries (within the meaning of Sec.
Firearms trafficking becomes vulnerable to certain law enforcement techniques when an analysis of the recoveries identifies patterns.
No longer will companies have to suffer with long downtimes and arduous recoveries of Exchange data in the event of failure.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Anticipating customer needs in preparation for the launch of the new Microsoft[R] Windows Vista[TM] operating system and Exchange Server 2007, Ontrack Data Recovery has developed new recovery capabilities to deliver the fast, high-quality recoveries that Ontrack customers expect.
Fitch's recovery analysis provides a framework for expected recoveries in the event of a bankruptcy scenario and is not meant to be a predictor of when or if a default will occur.
generate UNDO and/or REDO SQL for the different types of transaction recoveries.
and the fact that Ford's debt has a large component of subordinated debt, benefiting recoveries of the comparatively smaller unsecured claims.
Simplified Administration and Configuration: Wizard-based configuration simplifies installation and administration and provides pre-test configuration check reports and starts recoveries with just a single mouse click.
Fitch's Distressed Recovery (DR) ratings, introduced in April 2006 across all sectors of structured finance, are designed to estimate recoveries on a forward-looking basis while taking into account the time value of money.
Currently, the majority of our Mac recoveries are successful, so with these improvements, Mac users can have even more confidence in trusting Ontrack with their valuable data.