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recover something from someone or something

to retrieve or salvage something from someone, something, or some place. The police recovered my purse from the thief who had taken it. Mary recovered her deposit from the failed bank.

recover from someone or something

to get over an experience with someone or something. My great-uncle just left, and it will take a day or two to recover from him. I hope I recover from his visit soon.

recover from something

to recuperate from a disease. I hope I recover from this cough soon. She recovered from her cold soon enough to go on the trip.
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As with any backup plan, the goal is to recover all of the data, and the success rate largely depends on how current the most recent backup date-time stamp is.
The Monetary Control Act of 1980 requires that the Federal Reserve establish fees to recover the costs of providing priced services, including the PSAF, over the long run, to promote competition between the Reserve Banks and private-sector service providers.
Section 7430 allows the prevailing party to recover reasonable litigation and administration costs.
Search and Recover allows PC users to find and recover deleted and damaged files and folders from their computers.
Using proprietary software and expert audit methodologies, PRG-Schultz industry specialists review client invoices, purchase orders, receiving documents, databases and correspondence files to recover lost profits due to overpayments or under-deductions.
However, in our studies of conjunctivitis in the United States, we missed probably 20% of cases of H influenzae and S pneumoniae infection simply because we were unable to recover them.
Salveson added, "Restoring files from a tape based system is so time consuming that users will often not attempt to recover files except in the most dire circumstances.
The plant is to be running by 2004 to recover PVC and PET fiber from PVC-coated tarpaulins used for tents, truck covers, and outdoor banners.
However, depending on the intensity of your workout and the other factors related to recovery, it generally requires from two to 10 days to recover completely from a hard workout.
Currently used by American Express, Goldman Sachs, Lockheed Martin, AT&T, Compaq, McDonald's, Disney, and other companies, large and small, OfficeRecovery software demonstrates every day that it is usually less expensive to recover a file than to recreate it.
But the USDA and the companies managed to recover only fifteen million pounds, or 43 percent of the tainted product.
The month-by-month remedy provided in Lease [paragraph]18 means that a landlord can only recover for the months accrued to the date of a judgment, and would have to return to court to recover for subsequent months.
In sexual harassment cases, as with other types of employment discrimination suits, the prevailing party can recover reasonable attorneys' fees from the losing party.
its parent company, and Health Net executives and directors to recover the Class A stock of HN Management Holdings, which represents a 27 percent equity interest in Health Net.
The picture is not a bleak one, however, since people can and do recover from mental illness.