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have recourse to something

to be able to use something for help; to be able to fall back on something. You will always have recourse to the money your grandfather left you. You will not have recourse to that money until you are over 21 years of age.
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A borrower faces full recourse liability if it violates restrictions on sale of the property or interests in the borrower or on secondary financing as described in the loan documentation (commonly referred to as due-on-sale and due-on-encumbrance clauses).
Example 1: J owns property with a $40,000 basis that is subject to a $50,000 recourse debt.
The revised Regulation Y (12 CFR 225, appendix D) that was approved by the Board on November 8, 2001 (effective January 1, 2002), which amended the tier 1 leverage measure of the capital adequacy guidelines for bank holding companies for agreements involving recourse, direct-credit substitutes, and residual interests.
Recourse Technologies builds products to trap and track hackers.
Richard Frazier owned property with an adjusted basis of $495,000 and a recourse debt of $586,000.
Under any of the financing methods described -- full recourse, without recourse or limited liability -- you can share in the interest rate offered to your customer or subsidize the rate to bolster sales.
Generally, the bank regulators maintain that any risk retained by an institution on the sale of its assets constitutes a recourse transaction, regardless of the remoteness of the risk.
One form of credit enhancement is the recourse provision, or guarantee, that requires the originator to cover any losses up to an amount contractually agreed upon.
One thing a lender can do is obtain a recourse carveback guaranty from a creditworthy guarantor and make certain that such guaranty covers any bankruptcy filing, in addition to covering other steps which may be taken by a tenant in common to prevent enforcement of the loan documents.
1 billion Series One Auto Loan Trust Certificates and Limited Recourse Loan (see table below).
Under the old regulations, recourse liabilities are generally allocated to partners in accordance with the partner's loss-sharing ratios.
The complex transactions, which are coordinated by life insurance agents and financing companies that loan premium funds to seniors, typically have a two year term and provide the senior with the option of paying off the loan, selling the policy to the life settlement market, or walking away from the loan without recourse.
Recourse Technologies(TM), the leading provider of threat management solutions, announced today it will host a series of web seminars to educate corporations on cost-effective and proactive methods of Internet security.
A partnership liability is a recourse liability to the extent that any partner or a related person bears the economic risk of loss for that liability.
In particular, the transaction will significantly reduce Doral Financial's exposure to rising interest rates and recourse obligations.