record in

record something in something

to enter a record of something into something. I will record your appointment in my notebook. Jane recorded the memo in her computer.
See also: record
References in classic literature ?
The idea of our having to record in the same book with brats like that
Bruff thinks as I think, that the whole story ought, in the interests of truth, to be placed on record in writing--and the sooner the better.
To heralds and to minstrels, then, leave thy praise, Sir Knight,'' replied Rowena, ``more suiting for their mouths than for thine own; and tell me which of them shall record in song, or in book of tourney, the memorable conquest of this night, a conquest obtained over an old man, followed by a few timid hinds; and its booty, an unfortunate maiden, transported against her will to the castle of a robber?
The INS screw-up comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with the agency's abysmal record in recent years.
Attracting highly experienced executives from the industry who have a proven track record in large, fast-growth organizations will benefit our company and clients for years to come.
His track record in building strong sales teams, along with his extensive experience in the networking industry and the British market, will be invaluable as we work to establish INS in the U.