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recompense someone for something

to (re)pay someone for something. I am required to recompense Mrs. Wilson for her broken window. Can I recompense you for your expenses?
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Ay, there is a recompense when the madness is over, surely?
In the seventh place, try, by the frequent thought of death," the Rhetor said, "to bring yourself to regard it not as a dreaded foe, but as a friend that frees the soul grown weary in the labors of virtue from this distressful life, and leads it to its place of recompense and peace.
The Partridge earnestly begged him to spare his life, saying, "Pray, master, permit me to live and I will entice many Partridges to you in recompense for your mercy to me.
To whom our Saviour fervently replied: "And reason; since his Word all things produced, Though chiefly not for glory as prime end, But to shew forth his goodness, and impart His good communicable to every soul Freely; of whom what could He less expect Than glory and benediction--that is, thanks-- The slightest, easiest, readiest recompense From them who could return him nothing else, And, not returning that, would likeliest render Contempt instead, dishonour, obloquy?
But we may believe that he found some recompense for his Queen's anger in his wife's love.
the vine which the son of Cronos gave him as a recompense for his son.
That there are, upon record, trials at law in which damages have been sought as a poor recompense for lasting agonies and disfigurements inflicted upon children by the treatment of the master in these places, involving such offensive and foul details of neglect, cruelty, and disease, as no writer of fiction would have the boldness to imagine.
I how sufficiently to recompense your great deserts in erecting
This being indeed the means which they use to recompense to themselves their extreme servility and condescension to their superiors; for nothing can be more reasonable, than that slaves and flatterers should exact the same taxes on all below them, which they themselves pay to all above them.
For this is your truth: ye are TOO PURE for the filth of the words: vengeance, punishment, recompense, retribution.
Your own recompense for all this, Mr Pancks,' said Clennam, 'ought to be a large one.
Outre un certificat de merite, le Prix est dote egalement d'une recompense financiere, fixee selon les categories, la plus consequente etant celle qui recompensera le 1er laureat, d'une valeur de un million de dinars.
Yet she says the chances of some recompense are "increasingly unlikely" due to the "disappearance" of Loose Cannon.
Now she says the chances of some form of recompense are "increasingly unlikely" due to the "disappearance" of Loose Cannon.
L' international marocain, Mehdi Carcela, societaire du club du Standard de Liege, a remporte le trophee du [beaucoup moins que]Lion belge[beaucoup plus grand que] 2015, qui recompense le meilleur joueur d'origine arabe evoluant dans le championnat de Belgique.