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recommend someone as something

to suggest someone as something. Could you recommend Frank as a good carpenter? I can recommend Jane Smith as a good artist.
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recommend someone for something

to suggest someone for something. I would be very glad to recommend you for promotion. She recommended herself as the best choice.
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recommend someone or something to someone

to suggest that someone choose someone or something. I would like to recommend Sally to you as a good prospect for membership on the committee. Could you recommend a good mechanic to me?
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The advocates for the stage have, in all ages, made this the great argument to persuade people that their plays are useful, and that they ought to be allowed in the most civilised and in the most religious government; namely, that they are applied to virtuous purposes, and that by the most lively representations, they fail not to recommend virtue and generous principles, and to discourage and expose all sorts of vice and corruption of manners; and were it true that they did so, and that they constantly adhered to that rule, as the test of their acting on the theatre, much might be said in their favour.
What can more exactly answer the rule laid down, to recommend even those representations of things which have so many other just objections leaving against them?
By comparison with such superstitions as these, even the Second Sight has something--in the shape of poetry--to recommend it, surely?
I can give you instructions for preserving her general health; and I can recommend you to try some change in her life--provided you first relieve her mind of any secret anxieties that may possibly be preying on it.
On the contrary, I declare, that to recommend goodness and innocence hath been my sincere endeavour in this history.
I would not recommend an egg boiled by any body else; but you need not be afraid, they are very small, you seeone of our small eggs will not hurt you.
Riley knew of no other schoolmaster whom he had any ground for recommending in preference; why, then, should be not recommend Stelling?
Elizabeth Bennet," said Miss Bingley, when the door was closed on her, "is one of those young ladies who seek to recommend themselves to the other sex by undervaluing their own; and with many men, I dare say, it succeeds.
I am glad to find Miss Vernon does not accompany her mother to Churchhill, as she has not even manners to recommend her; and, according to Mr.
If you have any means of access in the direction of the wife's family, we strongly recommend you to make use of them.
Separately Recommends Class A Stockholders Withhold Vote From Re-Election Of Chairman/CEO Joel Schwartz As Director, "Due To Questions Surrounding The (BFC) Financing Transaction"
In anticipation of these results, TEI recommends that treaty negotiation procedures be revised to seek a provision for the mandatory use of arbitration where the competent authorities are unable to agree.
The SSG recommends the shut-in of 485 producing wells with total average daily production of 135 MMcf/d as of August 31, 2003 or approximately one percent of the natural gas production of the Province of Alberta.
In respect of the situations outlined in Interpretation Bulletin IT-445, TEI recommends that the legislation be amended to take cognizance of REvenue Canada's stated policies and include a closely worded definition of what would not be regarded as an "undue" taxadvantage.
Cargill also recommends follow up mapping and geochemical surveys to better define gold sources and potential drill targets in the Bajowa and Nongxi areas.