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recollect (oneself)

To become aware of one's immediate situation or purpose after a distraction: recollected myself after the interruption.
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Assuming that presence is also and inevitably a transmission of absence, any writing aware of this nature of presence can only be recollective.
Unlike poetic recollective harmonising, prose, the young poet discovers, "seems naggingly to demand a specific setting" (B: 62), and this setting is, for John, emphatically South Africa.
Even if recollection of such events and incidences is done first, the problem still remains concerning the accuracy of recollective accounts due to problems of memory attrition as well as their credibility as accurate sources of personal data.
These cues can distort the recollective process to the extent that the rememberer produces an honest response that does not, in fact, represent his or her independent memory.
And for some purposes the exact circumstances of the recollective act are of limited significance: an understanding of oral transmission is a critical, as well as a philological, tool.
Recollective of arma Christi images, many of the frescoes in the cells there employ an artistic language or, at least, an artistic syntax, that in its simplicity and abstractness relates to that of the tavolette used at San Giovanni Decollate.
We should not forget that allegory as a recollective and narrative figure in its "specular self-reflection" (28) is of disjunctive structure: it says something, but always means something else (as well).
The hampatong Bahutai (Photo 19) is the recollective posthumous representation of a person meant to evoke a facet of the individual's character, tied to a particular capacity of his, an attribute of strength but also of meanness, because in order to take on the appearance that is clearly visible in the hampatong--i.
A host of other commentators in the 1960s--Walter Allen, Anthony Burgess, and Douglas Day among them (l)--would effectively rehearse Spender's sense of the spiritual condition characterized in Under the Volcano, and would do so in a language likewise recollective of a medieval Christian frame of reference and value, of "acedia [as] .
Survivor X described a consistent re-experiencing of the rape through intrusive recollective images and the associated painful emotions.
This recollective paradox speaks powerfully to the desire at the heart of the tale of Simonides: the impossible yearning to disinter the dead from the ruins of the past.
It's now being maintained by ex-Deepend people, Recollective, and has a new museum identity designed by Graphic Thought Facility.