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recollect (oneself)

To become aware of one's immediate situation or purpose after a distraction: recollected myself after the interruption.
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Recollecting, however, that the valiant Amadis was not content to call himself curtly Amadis and nothing more, but added the name of his kingdom and country to make it famous, and called himself Amadis of Gaul, he, like a good knight, resolved to add on the name of his, and to style himself Don Quixote of La Mancha, whereby, he considered, he described accurately his origin and country, and did honour to it in taking his surname from it.
Suddenly the man turned toward her as though recollecting her presence after a moment of forgetfulness.
And the youthful lieutenant, recollecting himself, be- gan to mutter softly in black curses.
It was absolutely necessary, therefore, to think of something, and in this emergence recollecting WHEN she had seen him last in Hertfordshire, and feeling curious to know what he would say on the subject of their hasty departure, she observed:
Yes," said Porthos, recollecting himself, "but one uniform and one sword will not suffice for two.
Indeed, indeed, sir, no words of mine can express half of what I have felt “—the youth paused a moment, as if suddenly recollecting that he was overstepping prescribed limits, and concluded with a good deal of embarrassment—” what I have felt at this danger to Miss—Grant, and—and your daughter, sir,”
said I--but instantly recollecting myself, exclaimed, "Alas I fear it will be too long a Journey for the Horses.
Recollecting with tears how, in earlier years, It had taken no pains with its sums.
This is the signal for all the females present to commence talking "baby," during which time you are left to your own sad thoughts and the speculations upon the practicability of suddenly recollecting an important engagement, and the likelihood of your being believed if you do.
This greatly annoyed him, and recollecting that he was not aquatic, he stopped and shouted across the waves' tumultous roar:
I find," said Jones, "you do indeed know me; but I have not the like happiness of recollecting you.
Mentioning recollecting,' said Mrs Boffin, with her work abandoned, her eyes upon the fire, and her chin upon her hand, 'do you recollect, Noddy, how you said to Mr Rokesmith when he first came to see us at the Bower, and you engaged him--how you said to him that if it had pleased Heaven to send John Harmon to his fortune safe, we could have been content with the one Mound which was our legacy, and should never have wanted the rest?
But, quickly recollecting himself, and remembering that if he made any struggle, he would perhaps be dragged by the collar through the public streets, he only repeated, with great earnestness and with the tears standing in his eyes, that they would be sorry for this-- and suffered them to lead him off.
Recollecting the moment, Chris said: "The quake lasted for almost a minute which is a very long time for an earthquake to last.
Recollecting old times, Ferguson said that the club has always been beside him during difficult times and he asked the club to act the same way for the new boss.