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recoil at the sight (of someone or something)

 and recoil at the thought (of someone or something)
Fig. to flinch or cringe at the sight or thought of someone or something. Sally recoiled at the sight of Gerry, who had said something unspeakable. Mary recoiled at the very thought.
See also: recoil, sight

recoil from someone or something

to draw back from someone or something. I recoiled from Sally when she told me what she had done. I recoiled from the horror and slammed the door.
See also: recoil
References in classic literature ?
The Countess may recoil from handling the acids and watching the process of cremation; but she can surely sprinkle a little disinfecting powder--'
But, unhappy man, the dreadful recoil will smash you to pieces at your starting.
Barbicane returned to his lodging; but instead of snatching a few hours of repose, he passed the night in endeavoring to discover a means of evading the recoil of the projectile, and resolving the difficult problem proposed by Michel Ardan during the discussion at the meeting.
Already the projectile's conical top was sensibly turned toward the lunar disc, presented in such a way as to utilize the whole of the recoil produced by the pressure of the rocket apparatus.
Wilson was busy in the kitchen, but the room was not empty; and I scarcely checked an involuntary recoil as I entered it; for there sat Miss Wilson chattering with Eliza Millward.
Her fears for Sikes would have been more powerful inducements to recoil while there was yet time; but she had stipulated that her secret should be rigidly kept, she had dropped no clue which could lead to his discovery, she had refused, even for his sake, a refuge from all the guilt and wretchedness that encompasses her--and what more could she do
But perhaps she would recoil from a plot to take the life of Sikes, and that was one of the chief ends to be attained.
The good or evil we confer on others very often, I believe, recoils on ourselves.
11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Off-Road champion BJ Baldwin has taken his quest for adventure to the rugged Pacific Northwest in Recoil 3.
Women who are sensitive to recoil will want to invest in low-recoil turkey loads.
You can shoot 31/2-inch turkey loads and not sweat the recoil from the A400 semi-auto; one reason it's fast becoming an icon.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Kit thread repair recoil size:12 x 1.
When the bottom barrel fires, the recoil force is pretty much straight back into the hand through the center of the gun.
It has a factory recoil pad and the of pad catch on my jacket or shirt frequently when I mount the gun.
com)-- An innovative and functional improvement on a widely used and essential piece of medical equipment, the Auto Recoil Oxygen Line, has been developed by Charles Fleming of South Amherst, Ohio.