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How will I recognize you?

 and How will I know you?
a question asked by one of two people who have agreed to meet for the first time in a large busy place. Tom: Okay, I'll meet you at the west door of the station. Mary: Fine. How will I recognize you? Tom: I'll be wearing dark glasses. Bill: I'll meet you at six. How will I recognize you? Mary: I'll be carrying a brown umbrella.
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recognize someone as someone or something

to accept and acknowledge someone to be someone; to accept and acknowledge something to be something. Mary didn't recognize the lawyer as her legal representative. Lizzy didn't recognize the car as her car.
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recognize someone or something by something

to know someone or something by some distinguishing sign. You will be able to recognize me by my long mustache. Mary recognized her car by the ribbon tied to the antenna.
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recognize someone or something for something

1. to identify someone or something as something. I recognized the deal for a scam as soon as I heard about it. Anyone could recognize Max for a common thief.
2. to show appreciation to someone or something for something. The organization recognized Laura for her excellent contributions to the philanthropy committee. The officers recognized the committee for its outstanding efforts.
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recognize something for what it is

 and recognize one for what one is
to see and understand exactly what someone or something is or represents. The disease represented a serious threat to all peoples, and Dr. Smith recognized it for what it was. I recognize you for what you are, you scoundrel!
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Designed to recognize and reward AFRL's most outstanding in-house scientists and engineers, the fellows program encourages further research and development by providing each new fellow a grant of $100,000 per year for two years, in addition to his or her current budget.
The accelerated loss inclusion date is a date after the distribution when the shareholder recognizes gain on the sale or exchange of part or all of his or her remaining shares in the corporation.
The Citizenship Award recognizes students for their work ethic in the classroom and character development on the playground.
An option's tax attributes determine whether a deductible temporary difference arises when the company recognizes the option-related compensation expense on its financial statements.
Under FAS 123(R), Entity X recognizes $10,000 of compensation cost ratably over the three-year service period--if Jones remains with the company.
Three professional associations, representing more than 90 percent of the commercial interior design and corporate real estate/workplace management sectors, have announced their intent to collaborate in support of an international awards program that recognizes sustainable design leadership for the interior built environment.
The Mill Manager of the Year award recognizes the mill manager who has best demonstrated outstanding leadership, management, and organizational skills leading to improved results at the facility for which he or she is responsible.
So a single state that recognizes same-sex marriages opens up the debate across the country.
For garden-variety fixed stock options, Opinion 25 recognizes zero-compensation cost.
Because Z is a domestic corporation, X recognizes none of its realized gain on the assets that Y transfers to Z, even though $300 of X's gain with respect to those assets is not eligible for relief under the active conduct exception.
Annual Award Recognizes Organizations for Manufacturing Strategies and Practices That Deliver Exemplary Customer Satisfaction and Business Results
737 operates to ensure that the contributing partner recognizes the gain on property that the partner has effectively converted to another form, either through cash distributions from the LLC or through receiving other property.
Although this method recognizes income during the life of the policy, it does not take into account the time value of money.
Nasdaq:SYNP), a leading supplier of software for the design and verification of semiconductors, today announced its open IP encryption methodology has received a DesignVision Award in the system-level design tools category, which recognizes technologies, applications, products and services judged to be the most unique and beneficial to the industry.
However, on an item-by-item basis, S recognizes $15 of Sec.