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How will I recognize you?

 and How will I know you?
a question asked by one of two people who have agreed to meet for the first time in a large busy place. Tom: Okay, I'll meet you at the west door of the station. Mary: Fine. How will I recognize you? Tom: I'll be wearing dark glasses. Bill: I'll meet you at six. How will I recognize you? Mary: I'll be carrying a brown umbrella.
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recognize someone as someone or something

to accept and acknowledge someone to be someone; to accept and acknowledge something to be something. Mary didn't recognize the lawyer as her legal representative. Lizzy didn't recognize the car as her car.
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recognize someone or something by something

to know someone or something by some distinguishing sign. You will be able to recognize me by my long mustache. Mary recognized her car by the ribbon tied to the antenna.
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recognize someone or something for something

1. to identify someone or something as something. I recognized the deal for a scam as soon as I heard about it. Anyone could recognize Max for a common thief.
2. to show appreciation to someone or something for something. The organization recognized Laura for her excellent contributions to the philanthropy committee. The officers recognized the committee for its outstanding efforts.
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recognize something for what it is

 and recognize one for what one is
to see and understand exactly what someone or something is or represents. The disease represented a serious threat to all peoples, and Dr. Smith recognized it for what it was. I recognize you for what you are, you scoundrel!
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Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Nuance Communications announced that its Dragon Drive--an embedded-cloud speech recognizer with NLU--had launched in BMW's 2016 7 Series.
Proprietary Lithuanian speech recognizer was built using continuous density hidden Markov models (CD-HMM) [14].
Neville said one super recognizer saw what he thought was a drug deal, but wasn't sure.
This is necessary to be able to keep track of how well the Speech recognizer captures the caller intent.
VoiceGenie has incorporated the capabilities of OpenSpeech Recognizer 2.
1] is program independent in that if there exists a mechanical theorem recognizer for [T.
Nuance Recognizer delivers breakthrough recognition accuracy, enabling a more natural, flexible user interface that gives users increasingly unique and personalized experiences in an automated environment.
Chapter 3 presents some experimental results investigating the adapted foreign language recognizer.
During the development of a commercial speech application, even after deployment, measuring recognizer accuracy and tuning is critical to success.
Under the agreement Edify will integrate OpenSpeech Recognizer 1.
It is the only cross-platform solution that provides complete speech recognizer-independence, allowing developers to choose a speech recognizer based on what best fits their application's needs - rather than being confined to a single speech recognizer.
Programmed to modify itself according to whatever signals come into the system, the speech recognizer actually "learns" how to identify sounds and words.
It is a "serious game" that combines several patent-pending, breakthrough technologies, including computational models of language, culture and learning that guide the behavior of the game's autonomous, animated characters; and a contextual, speaker-independent speech recognizer for non-native speakers.
Accurate researches of English recognizer application for the recognition of Lithuanian last names and Lithuanian digits names are presented in sources [3], [4].
When a caller interacts with a speech-enabled call routing system and receives something other than the desired result, the immediate instinct is to assume the speech recognizer made an error in interpreting what was spoken.