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How will I recognize you?

 and How will I know you?
a question asked by one of two people who have agreed to meet for the first time in a large busy place. Tom: Okay, I'll meet you at the west door of the station. Mary: Fine. How will I recognize you? Tom: I'll be wearing dark glasses. Bill: I'll meet you at six. How will I recognize you? Mary: I'll be carrying a brown umbrella.
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recognize someone as someone or something

to accept and acknowledge someone to be someone; to accept and acknowledge something to be something. Mary didn't recognize the lawyer as her legal representative. Lizzy didn't recognize the car as her car.
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recognize someone or something by something

to know someone or something by some distinguishing sign. You will be able to recognize me by my long mustache. Mary recognized her car by the ribbon tied to the antenna.
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recognize someone or something for something

1. to identify someone or something as something. I recognized the deal for a scam as soon as I heard about it. Anyone could recognize Max for a common thief.
2. to show appreciation to someone or something for something. The organization recognized Laura for her excellent contributions to the philanthropy committee. The officers recognized the committee for its outstanding efforts.
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recognize something for what it is

 and recognize one for what one is
to see and understand exactly what someone or something is or represents. The disease represented a serious threat to all peoples, and Dr. Smith recognized it for what it was. I recognize you for what you are, you scoundrel!
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Yeon has displayed recognizably cinematic sensibilities in his last three indie anime features --"King of Pigs," "Fake," and "Seoul Station"--so it's not surprising that he transitions easily into live-action, though his scathing, nihilistic vision of humanity is watered down for wider, mainstream appeal.
The musical was born on Broadway in 1964, the offspring of Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick, and Joseph Stein, assimilated Jews who teamed with a lapsed Jew, choreographer Jerome Robbins, to create a world that, though recognizably ethnic, communicated universal messages about love and family ties.
She said that Cocktail's screenplay is in recognizably style: "In a style that feels recognizably similar to "
A nifty version of a saison, lush with fruit, but still falling recognizably within the style.
He analyzes in detail Vonnegut's antagonisms toward Hemingway (though Vonnegut is viewed by some as "the most recognizably Hemingwayesque of the new generation of writers to emerge after World War II").
Then we move to more recognizably local Gypsy influences, master strummers of the oud and saz, the trance dance beats used by whirling dervishes, mesmerizing woodwind maestros and both the classic and latest manifestations of the indigenous pop scene.
He's always recognizably "Friedlander," but that Friedlander is such a snarl of so many different things--laundry, peeing dog, potted plants, trees, and pebbles--that it is as endlessly demanding as it is rewarding.
He positions the rustic landscape representation "somewhere between the carefully wrought order of the formal garden and the forest or other wildness untouched by human presence" (xxiv): prosaic in its scenery and staffage, it is recognizably Netherlandish though not necessarily topographic.
Both start with the observation that, because human cognitive abilities are not up to the task of reliably recognizing utility-maximizing actions, any agents who are recognizably human, including the best possible humans, morally speaking, are certain to perform many actions every day that ACAU says are immoral, and to perform some actions over the course of their lives that it says are highly immoral.
Bouder's verve, precision, and hauteur in the title role of Firebird transformed that blowsy Marc Chagall art exhibit that poses as a production into something recognizably mythic.
Of all the Vancouver filmmakers currently making recognizably Canadian features, such as Lynne Stopkewich, Reg Harkema, Bruce Spangler and Mina Shum, only Bruce Sweeney has carved out a genuine identity for himself.
How does a community of scholars from differing church backgrounds live together in a way that is recognizably Christian, especially when they live among the rival halves of the Semitic family in the Holy Land, Jews and Arabs?
91, 130) Clearly, Lutherans left much of the old symbolism in place and so compromised with "a still recognizably Catholic-derived Mass.
Pereira's detailed analysis provides welcome insight for those who, for example, do not concur with the playwright's stated mission to make his characters recognizably African.