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cool reception

An unenthusiastic, disdainful, or unfriendly welcome. My wife met me with a rather cool reception when I came home at 3 AM.
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warm welcome

A hearty, hospitable reception or greeting, as in We got a very warm welcome when we finally arrived. This expression, dating from the mid-1700s, should not be confused with the similar warm reception, which from about 1700 signified a hostile welcome, as in His rivals were planning a warm reception for him.
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References in classic literature ?
Not a solitary commoner ever has the luck to see a reception of a prophet, I can tell you.
Well, anyway, Billings had the grandest reception that has been seen in thousands of centuries, and I think it will have a good effect.
Toasts and jokes were discharged freely, but no speeches were made save one thanking the Emperor and the Grand Duke, through the Governor-General, for our hospitable reception, and one by the Governor-General in reply, in which he returned the Emperor's thanks for the speech, etc.
Washington and I were invited to attend a reception given by the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland, at Stafford House--said to be the finest house in London; I may add that I believe the Duchess of Sutherland is said to be the most beautiful woman in England.
The public reception was held in the Opera-House at Charleston.
replied the prince, not in the least disconcerted by this reception.
Then they left the gardens and went into a fine, big reception hall, where rich rugs were spread upon the tiled floors and the furniture was exquisitely carved and studded with jewels.
Roy Gardner had sent her white orchids for the reception, and she knew no other Redmond girl would have them that night -- when Phil came in with admiring gaze.
Phil's chatter seemed trivial and the reception a bore.
She entered the office and addressed the chief reception clerk.
I mentioned yesterday to Lady Janet the cold reception of me on my return to London, and the painful sense of it felt by my wife.
I calmly defended our several qualifications as nurse and governess, and still resisted the proposed addition to our family; but he cut me short by saying it was no use bothering about the matter, for he had engaged a governess already, and she was coming next week; so that all I had to do was to get things ready for her reception.
First, this is an art well known to, and much practised by, our tragick poets, who seldom fail to prepare their audience for the reception of their principal characters.
Princess Varvara gave Dolly a cordial and rather patronizing reception, and began at once explaining to her that she was living with Anna because she had always cared more for her than her sister Katerina Pavlovna, the aunt that had brought Anna up, and that now, when every onehad abandoned Anna, she thought it her duty to help her in this most difficult period of transition.
His meeting with Miss Halcombe was delightfully hearty and unaffected, and his reception of me, upon my being presented to him, was so easy and pleasant that we got on together like old friends.