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receive the fright of (one's) life

To experience an extreme and sudden sensation of shock, surprise, or fear. I received the fright of my life when I noticed someone standing right behind me. Mary received the fright of her life as the car ahead of her swerved across traffic.
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sneck posset

archaic A rejection, refusal, or cold reception; a closed door (as on a visitor). Primarily heard in UK. After receiving a veritable sneck posset from his wealthy distant relations, Milton set to drinking in the town's tavern for want of any other recourse.
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receive (one's) just deserts

To receive that which one deserves, especially a punishment or unfavorable outcome. (Note: The phrase is often misspelled as "just desserts," due to the pronunciation of "deserts" and "desserts" being the same in this context.) The CEO cheated his clients out of nearly $4 million, but he received his just deserts when he was stripped of everything he owned and sent to prison.
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at the receiving end

In the position of getting something (from someone else). Typically, the one "at the receiving end" is the recipient of some behavior or action perceived to be harmful or negative. Look, I know you're having a tough time at work, but I'm sick of being at the receiving end of your temper every night! I'd hate to be at the receiving end of one of his roundhouse kicks.
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It is better to give than to receive.

 and It is more blessed to give than to receive.
Prov. It is more virtuous to give things than to get them. (Biblical.) Susan told her children, "Instead of thinking so much about what you want for your birthday, think about what to give your brothers and sisters for their birthdays. Remember, it is better to give than to receive." Our charity encourages you to share the good things you have. It is more blessed to give than to receive.
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receive someone as someone or something

to welcome and accept someone as someone or something. The king received the ambassador as an honored guest. They said they would receive their former guest as a welcome visitor.
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receive someone into something

to welcome someone into something, some place, or some organization. Everyone received the new member into the club with eager congratulations. We received them into our homes and fed them well.
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receive someone or something back

to get someone or something back. Martha received her husband back after his escapade. I sent a letter off with the wrong postage and received it back two weeks later.
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receive someone with open arms

 and welcome someone with open arms 
1. Lit. to greet someone with arms spread wide to hug someone. His mother greeted him with open arms at the door.
2. Fig. to greet someone eagerly. I'm sure they wanted us to stay for dinner. They received us with open arms. When I came home from college, the whole family welcomed me with open arms.
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receive something from some place

to get and accept something from some place. I just received a letter from Budapest! Mary received a package from Japan.
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receive something from someone

to get and accept something from someone. Tony received a sweater from his grandfather for his birthday. Who did you receive this from?
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receive word

(from someone or something) Go to word (from someone or something).
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*word (from someone or something)

messages or communication from someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; hear ~; receive ~.) We have just received word from Perry that the contract has been signed.

on the receiving end

also at the receiving end
feeling the unpleasant effects of something She'd been on the receiving end of his temper a few times and knew how nasty it could be.
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be at/on the receiving end

if you are on the receiving end of something unpleasant that someone does, you suffer because of it (usually + of ) Sales assistants are often at the receiving end of verbal abuse from customers.
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on the receiving end

In the situation of recipient, especially of something unpleasant, as in It seems I'm always on the receiving end of his bad moods. [c. 1930]
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1. and Word up. interj. Correct.; Right. I hear you, man. Word.
2. interj. Hello. (see also What’s the (good) word?.) Word. What’s new? A: Word. B: Word.
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While not reported in patients receiving Neulasta, rare events of adult respiratory distress syndrome have been reported in patients receiving the parent compound, filgrastim.
For other types of investments, the rules are often complicated but the underlying concept is straightforward: For ACE purposes, only income subject to Federal income tax by the dividend-paying corporation is eligible for a DRD by the receiving corporation.
The Third Circuit reversed, holding that "despite language in the benefit plan aimed to cast a broad net as to what constitutes receiving medical care for a 'pre-existing condition,' McLeod did not receive treatment 'for' such a preexisting condition prior to her effective date of coverage because neither she nor her physicians either knew or suspected that the symptoms she was experiencing were in any way connected with MS.
4 log drop in viral load in the subset of patients who were not receiving 3TC or FTC in their background treatment regimen versus a 0.
In the further interest of this perceived egalitarian "Agape Feast" along with its advancement of human dignity, it is also required, we are told, that the communicant must now stand when receiving Holy Communion.
License fees are taxed to the receiving selling shareholders at ordinary income rates.
Winners in the Senior Wind Division included the Arizona State University Saxophone Quartet, receiving the Gold Medal and $3,000; the Triton Brass Quintet of Boston, Massachusetts, receiving the Silver Medal and $2,000; and The Taliesin Trio of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, receiving the Bronze Medal and $1,000.
There's a temptation for a firm to keep its new exclusive listing a secret until the firm has had a chance to bring in its own buyers to insure the firm of receiving a full commission on a sale.
A payment from another country transmitted into the network is treated no differently by a receiving depository financial institution than an entry originated domestically.
Start-Up Costs for Receiving and Reconciling Reports
If possible, retirees who have not reached full retirement age should also consider accelerating receipt of earned income to the year before receiving Social Security benefits or waiting to receive the Social Security benefits.
24402 only looks at the ownership relationship of the entity receiving the dividend.
Receiving workers then accept only goods they can verify against the purchase order list.
Being white, 20-34 years of age or a high school graduate was associated with receiving early prenatal care (in the first trimester of pregnancy) in a study of all Medicaid recipients giving birth in rural Williamsburg County, South Carolina, in 1994-1995.
Disney principal Linda Reksten, said teachers have known for a while that they have a good chance at receiving the rewards because of the school's dramatic growth in scores.