receive back

receive someone or something back

to get someone or something back. Martha received her husband back after his escapade. I sent a letter off with the wrong postage and received it back two weeks later.
See also: back, receive
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Club members may not receive back any of their $250 membership fee.
ISLAMABAD -- EOBI has told Supreme Court (SC) that it has decided to return the land to DHA and other institutions which was purchased from them and receive back principal amount alongwith interest from them.
WASHINGTON -- A bill the House passed to guarantee that furloughed federal workers receive back pay, after the partial government shutdown is resolved, seems to have hit a snag in the Senate.
The website allows businesses to "post" their requirement to the category of business that they require and then receive back offers of an "exchange".
I am writing on Tom's behalf as he would like to receive back some family photographs that were borrowed a few years ago by a friend.
The suite can allow disconnected user to record facility updates in the field, forward changes to the central data repository and receive back all updates that have been applied.
He stands to receive back pounds 190,000 and we have shortened the US to 11-10, although Europe are still favourites at 10-11.
Now they may call off the action so their redundant colleagues can receive back pay totalling up to pounds 96,000.
Inco would receive back the nickel and platinum-group metals recovered with Noranda purchasing and paying Inco for all the gold and silver recovered.
A shareholder may receive back an installment obligation for a corporation's asset sale, in complete corporate liquidation under Sec.
Health staff across the town are being asked to feed any praise or positive comments they receive back to Darlington Primary Care Trust.
Plymbridge's creditors are still unsure about what they will receive back now that the company is in better shape.
But, if the county insists on giving it back to thestate, is the taxpayer going to receive back the amount of money currentlybeing spent to maintain Castaic Lake or will it be added to the fraud?
After giving the Web site their average and longest-ever commute times, and where they live and work, commuters receive back the amount of time that could be saved on normal and congested days.
At the end of the bond's four-year term, investors will receive back their initial investment, plus a return of 1.