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beyond recall

Impossible to change, reverse, retrieve, or restore. The union is immovable on the issue, so it looks like a workers' strike is beyond recall now. Your truck's engine is completely shot; I'm afraid it's beyond recall at this point.
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recall someone from something

to call someone back from something or some place. The president recalled our ambassador from the war-torn country. I was recalled from retirement to help out at the office.
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recall someone or something from something

to remember someone or something from some event or some place. I recall someone by that name from my days at the university. Mary recalled the appropriate fact from her history studies.
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recall something to mind

to cause [someone] to remember something. The events of the day recall similar days in the past to mind. This book recalls a similar book published some years ago to mind.
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recall something to someone

to bring something to the mind of someone. Your comments recall another event to me—something that happened years ago. What you just said recalled an old saying to me.
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word (once) spoken is past recalling

Prov. Once you have said something, you cannot undo the result of having said it. Hilary apologized for having called Mark's suit cheap, but Mark was still offended. A word once spoken is past recalling.
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beyond recall

Irreversible, irretrievable, as in We can't repair this screen-it's beyond recall, or It's too late to cancel our plans-they're beyond recall. This idiom employs recall in the sense of revoking or annulling something. [Mid-1600s]
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Automotive businesses can visit the site to leverage the industry's most comprehensive source or recall owner information for most every major auto make, get updated on all the latest news, and even request a free open recall report, tailored for their market area.
The VIN Lookup Tool is simple to use and will inform consumers about all open recalls on their vehicle--not only the Takata air bag recall.
In total, 275 recalls occurred, including devices from 148 different companies--the lowest number since the second quarter of 2012, according to the 15-page report.
Further, the study found that recalls impact stock price immediately, noting that "the stock price of the affected company underperforms the sector index by an average of 2.
A string of recent recalls by one company, for example, triggered a U.
The FDA issued seven high-risk device recalls in June.
Northwest Airlines intends to recall approximately 150 furloughed pilots by July 2007, according to the Air Line Pilots Assn.
Product recall insurance--which includes business-interruption coverage related to recalls, plus the cost of the recall and replacement of products and additional costs such as public relations and speciality consulting--has available limits of as much as $200 million and deductibles that range widely, depending on a company's size and what it does, Harrison said.
According to the NHTSA, if it deems the dealers must know about the recall sooner, it will intervene and manufacturers are required to comply with its directives.
events, TSO messages, and alerts on threshold conditions, including queue length, batch recalls that have waited too long, and number of recalls from the same user
GAO's analysis of recalls in 2003 showed that about 38 percent and 36 percent of recalled food was ultimately recovered in recalls overseen by USDA and FDA, respectively.
Gray Davis last year, made recalls even more popular.
GAO produced the study because two large food recalls completed in 2003 were associated with 8 deaths and nearly 100 serious illnesses in at least 16 states.
The number of vehicles subject to recalls by automakers in Japan has already set a yearly high in the first eight months of this fiscal year, according to government data.
Schakowsky cited examples of recalls done by CPSC where there were few or no reported incidents or injuries.