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rebuke someone for something

to reprimand someone for something. There is no need to rebuke me for a simple mistake like that. Sally was rebuked for overspending her budget.
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It has been remarked that the prophecy of a new generation of teachers who would rebuke and exhort the Athenian people in harsher and more violent terms was, as far as we know, never fulfilled.
There were no cruel overseers set to watch them, and no one to rebuke them or to find fault with them.
In his insistent crawling toward the light, he discovered in her a nose that with a sharp nudge administered rebuke, and later, a paw, that crushed him down and rolled him over and over with swift, calculating stroke.
I have delighted the very people whom it was my object to rebuke.
But who can rebuke such penitent and drooping sunbonnets?
It is an act of very great impertinence, sir; and therefore I beg you will ask nothing about it, for your curiosity will not be gratified,' replied she, attempting to cover the tartness of her rebuke with a smile; but I could see, by her flushed cheek and kindling eye, that she was seriously annoyed.
to rebuke and revile him, repeating often, that none but a coward ever struck a woman.
In "Washington's Rebuke to Bigotry: Reflections on Our First President's Famous 1790 Letter to the Hebrew Congregation In Newport, Rhode Island", scholars from across the disciplines use the letter as a springboard to engage with important and timely questions regarding religious freedom, religious diversity, and civic identity.
A rebuke from a morally and politically corrupt regime such as Netanyahu's, should be considered a badge of honour.
28 ( ANI ): Australia has stood by its criticism of China's decision to impose an air-defence zone in the East China Sea without consultation, despite Beijing's rebuke.
Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said: "This is another embarrassing rebuke for the PM just 24 hours after his panicky and defensive speech on the economy.
The BBC's Washington correspondent, Kim Ghattas, says it was a rare and sharp rebuke from Washington.
The incident drew praise from some quarters, including Syria and Hamas, who viewed Turkey's decision as a rebuke for Israeli hostilities against Muslims.
House on July 9 voted almost unanimously (429 to 2) to rebuke President Barack Obama for his June 24 signing statement openly declaring that he could ignore provisions of the legislation he was signing into law.
The rebuke, issued in the press Monday, quickly raised questions whether the supreme leader is backing off.