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rebel against someone or something

to resist and revolt against someone or something. Barbara rebelled against the teachers at the school. Most young people have to rebel against authority for a while.
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rebel at someone or something

to resist and defy someone or something. It is natural for teenagers to rebel at their parents. I feel as if I have to rebel at all these rules.
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a rebel without a cause

a person who is deeply dissatisfied with society in general but does not have a specific aim to fight for.
Rebel Without A Cause was the title of a US film starring James Dean , released in 1955 .
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Either you are heart and soul with us on your oath on the cross of the Christians, or your body this night shall be thrown into the ditch and we shall pass over to our brothers in the rebel army.
The "swapables" are those the FARC hopes to exchange for its rebels being held in Colombian jails.
According to a peace agreement signed by the government and the rebels, an interim government is scheduled to take over Liberia next month, paving the way for free elections and hopes of finally putting to rest the nation's troubles.
Bunjumburi -- Forty-one people are dead and 30 wounded after an attack April 29 on a Catholic seminary in this town in southern Burundi by Hutu rebels, according to an official with the Burundi armed forces.
For the rebels it was a time of war, and what little justice prevailed was rooted in a military code of conduct adopted from the former regime's National Guard.
From current rebel, Tony Porter, who's Call to Men Organization is helping men stop the destructive cycle of domestic violence, to Scott Harrison's international humanitarian efforts as founder of Charity: Water, featured Rebels can come from the world of philanthropy, business, sports, politics, entertainment and more.
com online store has a little bit of everything for country rebels to enjoy.
Addressing the government forces who participated in the operation, Haroun said there would be no further negotiations -N until the SPLM-N rebels become convinced that they cannot achieve their objective through the military means.
Yemen Govt Troops In Action against Yemen Rebels Kill 16, Including Leaders
More than 150 Kurdish rebels are killed in a cross-border air raid by Turkish military into northern Iraq earlier this week, according to Turkey's military.
But after several team meetings, the Rebels have come together and won four of five games.
As they wait for a government initiative to start Nepal's delayed peace talks, Maoist rebels held their first meeting with a foreign mission late Thursday in a bid to woo the international community.
25 years later, Canon launches Rebel With A Cause, embarking on a journey to follow modern day rebels who challenge convention in their own unique way, capturing their causes through the eye of a Canon EOS Rebel DSLR.
With their eclectic blend of country musicians, old and new, country rebels are bound to find their favorite country tunes.
April 26, 2014 (ADDIS ABABA) -- South Sudanese rebels led by former vice-president, Riek Machar dismissed a government announcement that its forces had recaptured Unity state's Mayom town, which borders Warrap state, saying the claims were "premature and incorrect" as rebels "are still in full control of the area".