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rebel against someone or something

to resist and revolt against someone or something. Barbara rebelled against the teachers at the school. Most young people have to rebel against authority for a while.
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rebel at someone or something

to resist and defy someone or something. It is natural for teenagers to rebel at their parents. I feel as if I have to rebel at all these rules.
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a rebel without a cause

a person who is deeply dissatisfied with society in general but does not have a specific aim to fight for.
Rebel Without A Cause was the title of a US film starring James Dean , released in 1955 .
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The rebel returnees will also have a tour of Malacaaang, Intramuros and other historical sites in Manila.
Canon will conclude the year-long "Rebel With A Cause" program in October with a consumer Rebel, whose cause will be chosen from the recently closed contest searching for the next great inspiration.
Some 1,500 fighters joined the counterassault from various major rebel groups including Al-Mutasim Brigade, the Levant Front, an Aleppo-based group affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, and the 13th Division, a rebel group backed by the Syrian National Council, the opposition's main political wing.
The base was the largest to fall into rebel hands since opposition forces captured the Taftanaz base in the northern province of Idlib in January.
The rebel said that the 80 people had been detained at a prison in Pudukuduirippu in the north, which was once under rebel control.
Libyan officials in Tripoli made no comment on any fighting in Brega, and it was not immediately possible to verify rebel accounts of what was happening there.
Mr Ghoga said the rebels are still exporting oil from the one million barrels they have in storage, but he declined to give quantities.
The ramshackle rebel army has pushed west to retake a series of towns from pro-Gaddafi forces who are being pounded by Western air strikes.
Rebel forces say Gaddafi has turned to African mercenaries to fight his campaign as his Libyan soldiers melt away to join the rebels.
Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, was refusing to exchange detained rebel fighters for the five Saudi soldiers being held by the rebels, according to another rebel source.
The young boy was kidnapped to force his father into allowing his house to be used as a rebel bunker in Al Okab, near the city of Sa'ada, tribal and military sources said on Sunday.
According to Reuters, a military spokesman said the army had taken control of five rebel hideouts and "destroyed a number of locations where the rebels and terrorists were".
Standing at the directional sign for Rebel Creek trail, my frustration roared down the mountainside like spring runoff.