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reassure someone about something

to give someone confidence about something. Nancy reassured Betty about her promotion. Betty was reassured about her promotion.
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reassure someone of something

to promise or guarantee someone something. Kelly reassured her friend of her support in the election. Please reassure Tom of our continued support.
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But I would like to reassure the public that the police are doing all they can to bring the perpetrators to justice and extra patrols will be taking place in the affected areas.
The desire to offer consumers the widest variety possible led Reassure to launch the Premium Cotton Pad products.
THE Bill actor Jeff Stewart yesterday moved to reassure his fans, saying he was "progressively improving" after slashing his wrists on being told he was to be axed from the show.
Since the operation, Police Community Support Officers have been in the area delivering leaflets to residents to reassure them of the police's commitment to combat criminal activity in their area.
Sgt Lee Burns, of Little Park Street police, said the idea behind the operation was to stop criminals operating and reassure people that the police were out and about on their behalf.
I would like to reassure anybody who is having this operation that there is no necessity to be unduly worried or frightened at the thought of this operation.
This, says the FA, will reassure fans that Sven is spending every possible moment "in search of the men who will represent England in the quest for qualification for Euro 2004 in Portugal".
As a storm of protest broke around him he said his comments to student teachers were intended to reassure his questioner, and they were not his true views.
A hospital at the centre of feared suspicious deaths, indecency, assault and misuse of drugs yesterday tried to reassure patients and their families.
And Solihull Borough Council is keen to reassure them that their donations are being put to good use.
I would like to reassure parents of Burnside school that if they do move to this site they are getting a good site for a primary school.
The aim is to reassure and give a positive message to the public - especially those who arrive by train or bus," he said.
Armed police were on guard at bus and railway stations in a bid to reassure commuters three weeks after the bomb attacks in London.
Dr Dennis Wilkes, Solihull director of Public Health said:"We would like to reassure parents at the school that as this is a single sporadic case, the risk to nursery children is very low.
LITTLEWOODS' new owners will meet union leaders to reassure staff members that their jobs are safe.