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reassign someone to something

to change someone's assignment to something else. I will reassign Jill to a different department. I was reassigned to the accounting department.
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The decision] didn't talk about whether or not you can reassign a lease, it talked about diving up the economic benefit," Grillo said.
250 Percent, Reassigns Almost Half Its Order Entry Staff and
The Bank of America seven-day-a-week transmissions of receivables have been key in bringing efficiency to CPR operations by allowing CPR the flexibility to reassign staff as needed and to complete month-end processing on a more timely basis.
recommend or reassign contractors with good track records to
An audio clip leaked over the Internet following the corruption probe allegedly revealed that Iranian businessman Zarrab -- who was recently released pending trial, despite solid evidence against him in the corruption probe -- had asked then- Interior Minister Mummer GE-ler to reassign Orhan ynce, ystanbul's Fatih district police chief at the time, to a distant post.
With the hope of building special enforcement units, the Police Commission and department brass decided this week to reassign 35 detectives from the anti-drug DARE unit to work the especially hard-hit narcotics units beginning June 1.
17 of last year, has been quick to reassign public officials en masse in response to the operation.
The panel stopped short of eliminating the drug education program when it voted to reassign 35 of DARE's 79 officers from most secondary school campuses to other divisions.
Dan Brandano, Chairman of Affinity International stated "It is an unfortunate fact that NASDAQ can reassign symbols away from OTC bulletin board stocks to NASDAQ listed stocks; however, we have to abide by their rules and make the best of the situation.
Developer Xpress is valuable to companies that are undergoing corporate restructuring (mergers or acquisitions); inherit unfamiliar software systems from a third party; need the flexibility to reassign programmers to new projects; or are expanding their software engineering staff of C and C++, Oracle SQL, and Java programmers.
Telik retains Asian rights, in return for royalties to COR, and may reassign those rights to a third party.
Global Banking News-April 21, 2015--JP Morgan reassigns banking roles across Asia