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reasonable person

In law, a hypothetical person against which the defendant's actions in a case are judged. The goal is to determine whether or not a "reasonable person" would act as the defendant did. Any reasonable person would have done the same thing my client did in that situation, and you know it!
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beyond a reasonable doubt

With confidence; without any doubt. This phrase is most commonly heard in legal proceedings. The jury acquitted him because they could not say that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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beyond a reasonable doubt

almost without any doubt. (A legal phrase.) The jury decided beyond a reasonable doubt that she had committed the crime. He was also found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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beyond a doubt

Also, beyond the shadow of a doubt. Certainly so, undoubtedly so, as in Beyond a doubt this is the best view of the valley. This phrase, along with the earlier without doubt (dating from c. 1300), asserts the truth of some statement. W.S. Gilbert's version, in The Gondoliers (1889), is: "Of that there is no manner of doubt-no probable, possible shadow of doubt-no possible doubt whatever." In this context shadow means "a trace or slight suggestion." Another variant is beyond a reasonable doubt. This phrase is often used in court when the judge instructs the jury that they must be convinced of the accused's guilt or innocence beyond a reasonable doubt; reasonable here means "logical and rational." Also see beyond question; no doubt.
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Maybe he could change it to Star in a Reasonably Priced Jaguar?
The population had changed, and Deerbolt now held mainly those convicted of violent and other serious offences, but evidence again suggested that the prison is performing reasonably well.
Top Gear, an automotive news magazine, has recognised the Vauxhall Astra as its new reasonably priced car for series 20.
The bank said that since the economy is reasonably strong, it does not expect the central bank to cut its reference interest rate before the second quarter of 2012.
Sure, I didn't have a great series against Australia in the summer, but I was hitting the ball reasonably well.
An investigatory stop exceeds constitutional bounds when police extend its duration beyond the time reasonably necessary under the circumstances that justified the initial stop," the ruling added.
9100-3 required him to demonstrate that he acted reasonably and in good faith and that the late election would not prejudice the government's interests.
The New Regulations restore the cost-only approach for a reasonably broad category of back-office services and, in some respects, move past the often imponderable "non-integral" requirement and the related "peculiarly capable" / "significant element" concepts.
First, the units should be reasonably accessible to the incident.
Participant contributions are considered to be plan assets as soon as they can be reasonably segregated from the employer's general assets, but not later than the 15th day of the month following the month in which the contributions are withheld.
Also included are seven appendices: "The Women of Provincetown" (155-58); "Charter Members of the Provincetown Players, September 1916" (159-60); "Executive Committee Membership" (161-62); "Productions of Plays Written or Cowritten by Women" (163-66); "Provincetown Productions for Which Directing Credit Can Be Reasonably Established" (167-70); "Provincetown Productions for Which Scenic Design Credit Can Be Reasonably Established" (171-74); and "Provincetown Productions for Which Costume Design Credit Can Be Reasonably Established" (175-76).
16045-16054), the trustee--unless the trust instrument provides otherwise--must invest in a manner that maximizes the investment return of the entire trust while minimizing the risk to a level reasonably suited to the trust.
The court held that the conditions of the detainees' confinement violated their due process rights because the conditions were not reasonably related to the government's objective of preventing them from harming themselves or others.
Insisting that many measures of household debt overstate the size of debt burdens, Greenspan pointed out that property values have also increased dramatically: "Taking into account this higher level of assets, all in all the household sector seems to be in reasonably good financial shape with only modest evidence of an increased level of household financial strain.
Thus, the Gospel and the Church have made clear that it is illegitimate for any politician or party to manifest indifference for the poor, yet Christians can reasonably disagree on the best means of alleviating poverty.