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reasonable person

In law, a hypothetical person against which the defendant's actions in a case are judged. The goal is to determine whether or not a "reasonable person" would act as the defendant did. Any reasonable person would have done the same thing my client did in that situation, and you know it!
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beyond a reasonable doubt

With confidence; without any doubt. This phrase is most commonly heard in legal proceedings. The jury acquitted him because they could not say that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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beyond a reasonable doubt

almost without any doubt. (A legal phrase.) The jury decided beyond a reasonable doubt that she had committed the crime. He was also found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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beyond a doubt

Also, beyond the shadow of a doubt. Certainly so, undoubtedly so, as in Beyond a doubt this is the best view of the valley. This phrase, along with the earlier without doubt (dating from c. 1300), asserts the truth of some statement. W.S. Gilbert's version, in The Gondoliers (1889), is: "Of that there is no manner of doubt-no probable, possible shadow of doubt-no possible doubt whatever." In this context shadow means "a trace or slight suggestion." Another variant is beyond a reasonable doubt. This phrase is often used in court when the judge instructs the jury that they must be convinced of the accused's guilt or innocence beyond a reasonable doubt; reasonable here means "logical and rational." Also see beyond question; no doubt.
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Therefore, the deputies had admittedly already prolonged the traffic stop far beyond the time reasonably necessary to investigate the license-plate problem when they learned about the expiration of the prior license plate.
Reasonably relied on a qualified tax professional, including one employed by the taxpayer, and the tax professional failed to make, or advise the taxpayer to make, the election.
Pass the "business judgment" test--The taxpayer must reasonably conclude in its business judgment that the services do not contribute significantly to key competitive advantages, core capabilities, or fundamental risks of success or failure in one or more trades or businesses of the renderer or the recipient; and
Are people--campers (clients) and staff--protected from reasonably anticipated hazards?
16081, the trustee must exercise any discretionary power reasonably, not arbitrarily.
The telecom core, which has contracted considerably during the past five years, still constitutes a reasonably strong part of our tenant base as well.
Thus, the Gospel and the Church have made clear that it is illegitimate for any politician or party to manifest indifference for the poor, yet Christians can reasonably disagree on the best means of alleviating poverty.
Trim sorts through a variety of studies from different disciplines and comes up with some reasonably coherent definitions of these terms, but the authors of the individual essays in the collection do not necessarily adhere to them, and sometimes wander well off the track.
It says the treatment of a loss contingency on the books depends on whether the likelihood of the future event giving rise to the loss is probable, reasonably possible or remote.
A company must act when there is credible evidence which would cause a prudent and competent attorney to reasonably believe that a material violation of federal or state securities law or breach of fiduciary duty or similar violation of any federal or state law has occurred, is occurring or is likely to occur, and is discovered by an attorney covered by the act, and this violation was by an issuer or agent of the issuer; and the violation is likely to result in substantial injury to the financial interests or property of the issuer of to investors.
To begin with, "House Hunters" promotes the fantasy that charming, spacious, reasonably priced homes are plentiful and always available in even the most desirable neighborhoods.
However, if such gait evaluation and training cannot reasonably be expected to improve significantly the patient's ability to walk, such services would not be considered reasonable and necessary.
The American public has a reasonably short attention span; in another month I expect they will be ready to move on with their lives, think about taking a trip.
His words have caused just as much offence as if I were to say: ``David Blunkett is reasonably intelligent, despite being blind''.
Most patients who are concerned with weight loss, for one reason or another, know what road they should be taking to achieve success, the latter being defined as follows: losing an amount of weight in the range of what one can reasonably expect to lose and then keeping it off indefinitely.