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Thomas considered reason as an individual thinking ability.
It is also meant to explain what sort of epistemic features are reasons for belief, what sort of facts are normative for belief, namely that it is true.
The wide-scope reasons approach, if it can be defended, allows us to (i) maintain the intuition that a practically irrational agent is irrational because he fails to respond properly to the reasons that he has, (ii) readily explain why instrumentally irrational agents are irrational in the same way in one important respect--whether or not they have reason to have the ends that they have--and (iii) cut off a well-known and seemingly forceful objection to the idea that rationality might be purely instrumental, according to which instrumental reasons arise only when normative force is "transmitted" from ends there is non-instrumental reason to have to the means to those ends.
Both systems thus deny free will, albeit for different reasons.
Perhaps the most significant feature of religious reason, and perhaps the feature from which all the other differences between religious reason and secular reason derive, is the oft-touted claim by believers that religious reasons carry an infallible supreme authority that guarantees the truth of such claims against all potential epistemic defeaters.
Given the overwhelming record of lies told to justify wars, how could anyone listening to the younger Bush believe him as he laid out the reasons for invading Iraq?
8 reason to watch college football this season is the new Harris Poll, which replaces the Associated Press poll in the Bowl Championship Series soup with a strange panel of former players, coaches and media members.
If a safe harbor is not met, taxpayers might still be able to qualify if they can establish that the sale was "primarily related" to the aforementioned reasons, under Regs.
Wisely paying off that key word "how," the body copy of this ad gives many, many reasons in support of this powerful headline.
The third most common reason selected by ninth graders was the belief that sex was not right for a person their age (70%), and by 12th graders was a decision to wait until marriage (58%).
Under the temporary (and proposed) regulations, a sale or exchange is due to health if the taxpayer's primary reason for the sale or exchange is:
There are several reasons for this shortcoming: First, it must be stated, that argumentative knowledge construction represents a main component within curricula on a general level, but it is not formulated in detail as practicable prescriptions for teachers.
19) Spinoza's insistence on the clarity and publicity of reason and geometrical deduction in opposition to the secrecy and deception of institutional religions and ecclesiastical hierarchy is partly a response to the secret at the heart of his own religious identity.
The primary reason we treat CSOM is to prevent complications.