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rear-end something

to cause an accident by hitting the back of the car in front of you His car was rear-ended while he was stopped at the light.
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When a large drill rig or a fully-loaded rig tender rear-ends a compact auto, the results can be devastating for the occupants in all vehicles, and can expose businesses to potentially costly and time-consuming legal actions," said Joe Hogan, senior loss control consultant for The Hartford and member of the NGWA's safety committee.
For well drilling companies, rear-end vehicle collisions are the most commonly reported accidents; Insurer will hold seminars and showcase simulator at industry conference to promote driver safety
NYSE: HIG), a leading insurer of businesses in this field, found that rear-end collisions caused by well-drilling vehicles are the most commonly reported accidents in the industry and accounted for nearly 27 percent of all well-drilling vehicle claims in 2006.
He rear-ends the pickup truck, causing it to spin into the number three lane and sideswipe a van.
In Sun Valley, a white blazer rear-ends a trash truck pulled over to the side.