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rear-end something

to cause an accident by hitting the back of the car in front of you His car was rear-ended while he was stopped at the light.
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Police said Womack was driving a 2004 Chevy Tahoe that rear-ended a 1997 Saturn sedan driven by Barbara Ann Gaines, 77, of Springfield.
His 1993 Ford rear-ended a 1991 Mitsubishi driven by Juan Velasquez, 22, of Lancaster, which had broken down on Sierra Highway south of the Avenue H overpass.
The officer momentarily looked down at his call screen and rear-ended the Mazda.
The motorist that rear-ended the CHP unit was also uninjured.
This means that a lawyer trying a rear-end collision case must do more than just prove that the plaintiff's vehicle was rear-ended.
The 80-mph commercial truck has no place on our highways," said Steve Owings, who co-founded Road Safe America in honor of his 22-year-old son, Cullum, who died when his vehicle was rear-ended by a speeding truck.
The driver of the truck was reaching for his cell phone and rear-ended the patrol car,'' Hahn said.
when a westbound vehicle apparently rear-ended a Chevrolet Suburban, sending it into oncoming traffic, where it was hit head-on by a third vehicle, Miller said.
Deutsch and Blumberg, and Avera & Avera, Officer Daniel Smith, the brother of Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Robert Smith killed in a fiery crash when his Ford Crown Victoria was rear-ended on I-95 in July of 1997, has filed a Class Action lawsuit against Ford Motor Company.
In that case, Eriksson is accused of being at the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne when it rear-ended a Ford Explorer stopped at a red light at Sunset and Beverly Glen boulevards.
17, when his vehicle rear-ended Hilton, causing her to lose control of her car, which then hit a tree and a light pole.
A child's tooth is struck by a baseball; an adult is rear-ended while driving and her mouth hits the steering wheel; it is 2 am and a young man suffers an excruciating toothache.
VALENCIA - A Canyon Country resident accused of driving under the influence and injuring a 3-week-old infant and the baby's mother when his car rear-ended their vehicle pleaded not guilty Friday in Santa Clarita Superior Court.
His surrender came nearly two weeks after his 1999 Peterbilt big-rig allegedly rear-ended a stalled pickup truck in the northbound lanes of the Golden State Freeway.