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If you shift from first into second, and even from second into third, the rear end dances precipitously.
Sprach, 55, had told his worker: "The day you get a promotion is the day I stick a pineapple up my rear end.
Likewise, any slight erosion of the rear end of the piston due to wear would not compromise valve action, Stroup says.
a global Driver Risk Management company, announced that analysts in its Risk InfoCenter[TM] reviewed incidences of rear end crashes to determine the impact of following distance on
A male incontinence protector having a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction, the incontinence protector comprising: a front end portion with a front end edge; a rear end portion with a rear end edge, the front end portion having greater maximum extension in the transverse direction than the maximum extension of the rear end portion in the transverse direction; side edges extending between the front end edge and the rear end edge; a garment-facing surface; a wearer-facing surface; and a tendon engagement member.
Tenders are invited for Procurement for 4 number Truck Chassis mounted rear end auto loading movable compactor with tip cart for
New York, Oct 4 (ANI): 'Poker Face' singer Lady Gaga exposed her rear end for the crowd to see when she took to the stage with Yoko Ono's 'We Are Plastic Ono Band'.
The vehicle features Volkswagen front-end with two cross-struts and a centrally placed Volkswagen logo between trapezoidal headlamps, and a rear end with large-surface dual taillights and a spoiler with additional rear-end ground effects.
It is a warning system that automatically pre-charges the brakes if a rear end collision with a moving or stationary vehicle is imminent.
Johnny Borneman got underneath the rear end of Rogelio Lopez's car and it flipped.
And though the Crossfire's tapering rear end wouldn't have left enough room for either passengers or luggage, the look of the nose and "speed lines" on the hood easily made the transition.
The Monmouth AM's rear end re-emerged yesterday when internet surfers spotted a spoof website dedicated to his posterior.
4, its four hind legs broke off and the robot sat down, unharmed but immobile, on its rear end.
The muscular-looking rear end conceals a wider track that not only improves directional stability, but also increases the potential for lateral grip on this two-seat coupe.
An absorbent article having a pair of longitudinal edges, front and rear transverse edges, a front end region, a rear end region, and a central region disposed between the front and rear end regions, wherein the front end region has a width defined between the longitudinal edges, the rear end region has a width defined between the longitudinal edges, and the ratio of the width of the rear end region to the width of the front end region ranges between 1:1 and 2.