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be (really) something

To be particularly noteworthy, remarkable, interesting, special, or impressive. Wow, this new car of yours is really something! A: "I hope we get a chance to meet the band after the concert." B: "Yeah, now that would be really something!"
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oh really

An interjection of interest, surprise, or irritation, usually said in response to a comment from another person. Oh really? How do you know my mom? Oh really? Well, if you don't need me telling you what to do, then I guess you don't need me cooking for you either!
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(it) (really) doesn't matter to me

I have no preference. A: "Where do you want to go to dinner?" B: "It doesn't matter to me. Any place you pick is fine." A: "You like the blue or the white paint better?" B: "Doesn't matter to me. It's your house, so you choose."
See also: matter

see (one) for what (one) (really) is

To recognize one's true identity or nature. It was only after overhearing a conversation she wasn't supposed to witness that Hailey saw Doug for what he really is—a two-faced backstabber. I wish Janet would see me for who I am, and not lump me together will all those other jerks in the office.
See also: see, what

be a toss-up

To be a situation in which the outcome cannot be predicted or a decision between two things is very close. I don't know which team will win. Both have done so well this season that it's a real toss-up. Should I take the entry level position, or go back to school? It's really a toss-up in my mind.

not (really) (one's) thing

Not something one particularly enjoys or is good at. A: "Do you want to come with me to the concert this Saturday?" B: "No thanks, heavy metal isn't my thing." I'll give it a try, but car repair isn't really my thing.
See also: not, thing

not (really) (one's) scene

Not something one particularly enjoys or is good at. A: "Do you want to come with me to the concert this Saturday?" B: "No thanks, heavy metal isn't my scene." I'll give it a try, but car repair isn't really my scene.
See also: not, scene

(I) really must go.

an expression announcing or repeating one's intention to depart. Bob: It's getting late. I really must go. Jane: Good night, then. See you tomorrow. Sally: I really must go. John: Do you really have to? It's early yet.
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be a toss-up

COMMON People say that something is a toss-up when they think that two things are equally likely to happen or be chosen. She might go to Scapa. Or Rosyth. It's a toss-up really. They said it's a toss-up whether oil prices will go up or down over the days ahead. Note: When you toss a coin, there is an equal chance that the coin will land heads or tails.

be a ˈtoss-up (between A and B)

(informal, especially British English) be a situation in which either of two choices, results, etc. is equally possible: ‘Have you decided on the colour yet?’ ‘It’s a toss-up between the blue and the green.’
This expression refers to tossing a coin in order to make a decision about something.

Like I really give a shit!

exclam. & comp. abb. I really don’t care. (Usually objectionable.) You are telling me this why? LIRGAS!
See also: give, like, really

What’s really good witcha?

interrog. How are you? Mooshoo! What’s really good witcha.
See also: good, really
References in classic literature ?
Consider," replied this curious little man, "how you yourself really feel about such things.
But," he ended, "he does really conceal his toilet.
Before he came within earshot, Father Brown had added quite composedly, "Why does he really hide the secret of what he does with the purple wig?
Well, really,' said the Miller, 'I think that, considering that I am going to give you my wheelbarrow, it is rather unfriendly of you to refuse.
Indeed, if he is a really true friend he prefers it, for he knows that then he is doing good.
Well, really,' answered the Miller, 'I do not think it is much to ask of you, considering that I am going to give you my wheelbarrow; but of course if you refuse I will go and do it myself.
Gray, and that you don't really object to being reminded that you are extremely young.
You really must not say things like that before Dorian, Harry.
But I don't believe He could really have looked so sad or the children would have been afraid of Him.
I really felt sure he thought praying was a disagreeable duty.
A bosom friend--an intimate friend, you know--a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul.
But while I realised all this, and, with a veritable aching of the heart at the loss of her, felt a curious satisfaction at the turn of events, still my own psychology became all the more a puzzle to me, and I asked myself, with some impatience, what I would be at, and what it was I really wanted.
But, really, there is no need to lecture me upon the charms and virtues of Nicolete, for I loved them from the first moment of our strange introduction, and I dream of them still.
However, the explanation is not really difficult to find.
For the recognition of private property has really harmed Individualism, and obscured it, by confusing a man with what he possesses.