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take a bite of the reality sandwich

To recognize and address certain delusions, flaws, or misconceptions regarding a particular situation or task at hand. Most often used as office jargon in a business or place of work. I know you think this new product will solve all of our problems, but you really need to take a bite of the reality sandwich.
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detached from reality

Psychologically, emotionally, or intellectually separated from the outside world or from realistic, logical thought. When my mental illness was at its worst, I became completely detached from reality. The council's plan to build an interstate through the middle of town is just nonsense, it's completely detached from reality!
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bite of the reality sandwich

Recognition of certain delusions, flaws, or misconceptions regarding a particular situation or task at hand. Most often used as office jargon in a business or place of work. I know you think this new product will solve all of our problems, but you really need to take a bite of the reality sandwich. If Becky still thinks she's getting that promotion, even though she's late every day, she seriously needs a bite of the reality sandwich!
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bring (one) back to reality

To cause one who is fantasizing or being overly optimistic to remember or consider the true nature of something. Someone needs to bring him back to reality because there's no way he's getting into that school with his mediocre grades. I was excited to book a vacation until my nearly-depleted bank account brought me back to reality.
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in reality

Actually; really; in fact. A lot of people believe the total number to be low, when, in reality, it's the highest it's ever been.
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nothing could be further from (something)

What we are discussing is the complete opposite of something. They claim that the tax overhaul was designed with lower- and middle-class earners in mind, but nothing could be further from the truth! Nothing could be further from reality—I have never accepted bribes in my entire career.
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reality check

An event or outcome that forces one to accept or reevaluate the reality of one's position or situation. I think the government's latest round of legislation is a reality check to those still holding onto the belief that they had lower-class citizens' best interests in mind. The loss against Scotland is bound to be a reality check for England that they need to rethink their strategy on the field.
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lose touch with reality

To no longer have a firm or clear understanding of real life; to lose one's ability for clear, rational thought. A possessive pronoun can be used between "lose" and "reality." The poor guy sort of lost touch with reality after the death of his children. I feel like I'm losing my touch with reality lately—I think I might need to see a psychiatrist.
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bring someone back to reality

to force someone to face reality. The rain shower brought her back to reality. Liz was brought back to reality by a rude shock.
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in reality

viewing things realistically; really. Jane dreamed it was snowing, but in reality, it was very warm. John looks happy, but in reality, he is miserable.
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lose touch with reality

to began to think unrealistically; to become unrealistic. I am so overworked that I am losing touch with reality. The psychotic criminal had lost touch with reality.
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reality of the situation

the truth or actuality of the situation; the way the situation really is. The reality of the situation is that we must act right now. Let's face the reality of the situation and go out and get jobs so we can pay our bills.
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virtual reality

Fig. computer imaging that attempts to mimic real scenes or places. The movie had so much virtual reality that the regular photographic scenes began to look funny.
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in reality

Actually, in fact, as in He may seem slow to you, but in reality he's very intelligent. [Second half of 1600s]
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reality check

An assessment to determine if one's circumstances or expectations conform to reality, as in Time for a reality check-wasn't this supposed to be a money-making enterprise? [Slang; second half of 1900s]
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a reality check

COMMON A reality check is something that forces you to accept the truth of a situation. This defeat is a reality check after two victories against reasonably good opposition. Today's poll is a reality check for those who believe that the government faces certain defeat.
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in reˈality

used to say that a situation is different from what has just been said or from what people believe: Outwardly she looked confident but in reality she felt extremely nervous.
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in reality

In fact; actually.
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The reality is that when it comes to missions Baptists are not and never have been the sole possessors of truth.
After all, reality shows purport to depict reality, so the inclusion of a diverse assortment of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people sends viewers the message that such people are just another variation on who might move in next door.
On examination we realize that we have imposed this differentiation on our reality.
Both bio-politics and bio-power continue to mold reality construction today.
Widespread use of virtual reality is likely a distant goal.
As soon as you've strapped on the virtual reality helmet, you'll have license to trot out the same old products year after year and pretend you're still on the cutting edge; spend money like a maharajah, yet act like a man of the people; and prance around giving speeches about things you know nothing about as if you really had a chance to be the next president of the U.
Virtual reality is emerging rapidly as a potentially unlimited method for providing realistic, safe, and cost-effective training.
Each medium and style explored this new territory in its own moment of "truth": the rich colors of the Fauves; the surprise, incongruity, and shock of the Dadaists; the illusion and deception of the Op and Kinetic artists; the dreamy worlds of the Surrealists; the fragmented planes of the Cubists; the "plastic" search for absolute laws by the deStijl artists; the mundane and ironic reality mirrors of Pop Art; the loneliness and introspection of Minimalism; the subjective honesty of Abstract Expressionism.
In that setting, enhanced by the sacramental sign, the full reality of our situation comes clear: our need for spiritual as well as physical bread, our utter dependence on God, and our happy reliance on Jesus, whose broken body is the Bread of Life.
REALITY THREE: Prospective physician executives should be open to a georgraphical move in order to advance professionally.
Virtual reality and hypertext might be seen as similarly both scientific and poetic, and both are similarly concerned with negotiating what would otherwise be an overwhelming proliferation of data.
LOS ANGELES -- The "2008 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards" was the place to be as winners and losers of the only awards show dedicated to the most outrageous moments in reality television were revealed in Hollywood.
But the wildly popular reality shows that have taken over English-language networks are now beginning to crack - with a Latin twist, of course - the telenovelas' once impenetrable stronghold.
This paper reports a case study of 13 college students engaging in a role-play activity of a Maui legend in the synchronous web-based virtual reality environment.
It represents one facet of a broad range of research activities that fall under the rubric of an ill-defined, nascent field of study commonly called virtual reality -- though some researchers prefer to use such terms as immersive simulation, artificial reality, telepresence, virtual world or virtual environment to convey the particular flavor of their work.