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In addition, following several years in which virtually all real estate volatility has been on the upside, the report cautions against risk complacency as investors search for real estate alpha.
469(c)(7)(b) defines taxpayers excluded from the "per se" passive taint for rental real estate - the so-called "super material participation" rules.
Numerous bills of importance to the real estate industry were negotiated in the 2006 session of the New York State Legislature.
Real estate is just one of many asset classes that fall into that "alternative" category, which includes pretty much everything that is not stocks, bonds, or cash.
The alliance provides Capri with access to the expertise, contacts, and capital of Ross' entire organization, giving Primo the tools he needs to create real estate deals that can elevate his firm to the upper echelon of real estate investment management companies.
469(c)(7)'s flush language, when determining material participation, a taxpayer may elect to treat all interests in rental real estate activities as a single activity (discussed below), enabling him or her to more easily meet one of the tests.
Consumers can access any of the major investment firms or mutual fund groups to open accounts, download research, view account status, make trades and transfer funds--all in real time--as if they were in the offices of the investment group.
Dohner, Nortel's vice president of real estate, "One of the things our CEO asked was 'How do we make our real estate more valuable to the company?
This growth in real estate lending includes substantial increases in home mortgages as well as commercial real estate loans, but it is the latter, of course, that has mainly presented the problems to the banking industry.
The American Institute of CPAs real estate committee has established a task force to develop guidance for the real estate industry on the presentation of supplementary current value information.
The globalization of real estate has propagated the interconnection of global economies.
There's "pressure and logic" behind the 10-year-long, industrywide trend of exiting from direct ownership of real estate, said Bernard Winograd, president of Prudential Investment Management and chairman of its real estate investment advisory business, Prudential Real Estate Investors.