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Approximately 66% of debt is denominated in foreign currencies, with the remainder denominated in reais.
Lastly, we would like to highlight that the Centennial Asset Mining Fund LLC, a company associated to EBX Group (the "Centennial"), will guarantee the subscription and payment of all Unsubscribed Shares at the price of six Brazilian reais and seventy centavos (R$ 6.
Total Sales Volume: Higher volumes mitigated the effect of lower prices in Reais and offset part of the effect of the stronger Real on exports.
Brazil's state-run oil company, Petroleo Brasileiro, said it expects to save about 10 billion reais ($4.
51 million shares before, while the indicative price for the stock was slashed to 800 reais each, compared with a price range of 1,000 reais to 1,333.
30, 2004, of which about two thirds is denominated in Reais and the remainder in foreign currency.
4 million reais loss last year, also owes 750 million reais of debt.
Bovespa:ALLL4) informs its shareholders and the market that on the present date its Board of Directors approved the payment of Interests on Own Capital pursuant to the provisions of Law 9,249/95 and Deliberation 207/96 issued by CVM, with reference to the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2004, in the gross amount of thirty-six million reais (R$ 36,000,000.
As a result, Petrobras had to use more reais to pay for each dollar of fuel imports, exacerbating a government fuel-pricing policy that has saddled the company's refining division with heavy losses.
The company has ballooned in size after more than 2 billion reais ($1.
The aggregate amount of claims asserted by Horizon in the notice is Reais $57.
Northeastern Brazil's CearEi state government and the World Bank are planning 700 million reais (US $314 million) in water supply improvement works under the state's SEuo Jose III project.
5 billion or approximately US$860 million, primarily invested in reais or dollar-denominated instruments held by Brazilian banks and government securities.