ready cash

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ready cash/money

money that is immediately available to spend They need investors with ready money if they're going to get the project started.
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This was widely interpreted as meaning that the bank is moving towards adopting quantitative easing, a policy of buying securities and thereby providing the holders of these instruments with ready cash.
But without ready cash they have to go elsewhere, which for traders seeing potential sales lost must be upsetting to say the least.
They don't actually have any ready cash to purchase, or they are dealing with investors - who may also take months trying to get mortgage applications through".
If you want to phone home to family You've got money, but no that''s too hard Cos, the box on the corner of the plastic Won't accept ready cash, but a card.
And to pay off the 32-year-old would also cost more ready cash than the troubled Midlands club can get their hands on right now - without selling some more players.
Mark Brookes, mitigating, said that his client hadn't been paid and decided to steal the whisky to convert it into ready cash.
Worst of times "When the second world war broke out, many of my agents ran off with the ready cash.
Make sure there's ready cash available in the business.
Police found pounds 48,000 in ready cash in the couple's home.
On the economy part also, we get ready cash compared to the shops where it goes on a credit basis, or sometimes we have to run around for the payment," said Jaya Kumari, a seller.
They seem to be on the lookout for household goods which for whatever reason have been placed outside, which they are then getting ready cash for at places which re-condition and sell them.
Ready cash like that goes a long way towards keeping a company vibrant and attracting investors.
However, in this final episode the run-up to Christmas combined with the lack of ready cash becomes a major problem.
He also admitted that, with the increase in ready cash, his own habit had more than doubled.
But even those with ready cash and the will to buy are going to have to pay for a sea view.