readjust to

readjust to someone or something

to make a new adjustment to someone or something. Please make an attempt to readjust your work schedule for the next two weeks. I don't think I can readjust to this climate.
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Turkey is seeking to help the world readjust to the post-Cold War realities.
NOT nearly enough is being done to help war veterans readjust to civilian life after being discharged from the Armed Forces.
The next stage of grief involves overcoming denial, where caregivers gradually try to come to terms with reality and readjust to normal life.
In the book and in his columns, he's written extensively about the transition warriors face when they return from combat and readjust to civilian life.
Steve Malone, who oversees more than a dozen military family assistance centers in the state where counseling is also offered, says soldiers often come in to overcome combat stress and successfully readjust to everyday family life.
Next year, attendees will readjust to a northern climate, as in 2003 the Paper Recycling Conference & Trade Show will return to Chicago.
vendors must readjust to new realities on their side.
A FAMILY who starred on TV's Castaway show can't readjust to normal life and have moved to rural Wales.
Clarke found it difficult to readjust to "the sheer excesses of everything -- the food, the waste, material things.
Rapid development means their brains are having to constantly readjust to decisions such as climbing steps.
Still, the Russians often need weeks of physical therapy to readjust to Earth's gravity.
One of the major concerns regarding the body's adaptation to space flight is that the adjustments the cardiovascular system makes during flight to maintain blood pressure in weightlessness may compromise its ability to readjust to gravity upon return,' says David R.
One of the most effective ways to reduce air conditioning costs is to set your programmable thermostat to 78 degrees or higher while you are out and then set it to automatically readjust to your preferred level an hour before you return.
Everyone else explaining they're "on the train", or in supermarkets calling loved ones to ask if they want fish fingers, will just have to readjust to ringing on landlines before and after their journeys.
It is used as an alternate route, and I can only expect some of that traffic would go back on the freeways, but we are prepared for it, and we would readjust to it,'' said Officer Byron Wong, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol.