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cold reading

1. The reading aloud of a script or performative text, as for television, theater, or film, with little or no rehearsal, practice, or study in advance. It's always a little awkward doing a cold reading for the first time, because you know things will be much different once everyone has had a chance to get familiar with the script.
2. A technique or series of techniques used by paranormal performers (such as mentalists, psychics, spiritual mediums, fortune tellers, etc.) in which the appearance of clairvoyance is achieved by gleaning personal details about a subject through the use of intuition, broad questions, and educated guesses and assumptions. It's amazing how convincing psychics can seem when all they're doing is giving a cold reading of people in the audience. I can't believe you fell for that fortune teller nonsense—it was just a cold reading!
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read the small print

To make oneself aware of the specific terms, conditions, restrictions, limitations, etc., of an agreement, contract, or other document (often printed in very small type and thus easy to go unnoticed). The terms of the loan look pretty good at face value, but be sure to read the small print, or you could find yourself in a heap of trouble down the line. I know reading the small print can be tedious, but it's always important to know what you're getting yourself into!
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read the small print

See: read the fine print
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While I did find ways to cheat the system, I was also finding that when faced with the right book, reading wasn't so bad.
There are many reasons for the middle school slide in literacy, including the lack of professionals who can identify and diagnose students with reading difficulties.
Much of our knowledge of second language reading (L2 reading) depends on existing theories of native language reading (L1 reading): such theories include the bottom-up model (e.
Brenda and others who took part in the Reading Education Assistance Dogs program at the Community Center on Wednesday agreed it was a good idea.
Along with its partners, Reading Is Fundamental, Dell Computers, Scholastic Publishers and DisneyHand, and in conjunction with the NBA Players Association and National Basketball Coaches Association, the NBA opened 23 new Reading and Learning Centers in 2004.
By the seventh century Mass readings began to appear in books of their own.
Since then, these and other researchers have accumulated evidence on neural regions that contribute to skilled reading of both Western-style alphabetic text and non-alphabetic systems, such as Chinese writing.
If you receive two estimated bills in a row, there is a good chance that you are not in a meter reading cycle with the DEE This is when AMR is extremely useful.
I applaud Reading," Ira Weiss, special counsel for Pittsburgh Public Schools told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Have you found that your most successful sight reading experiences have occurred when you are what athletes call "in the zone .
One of the major challenges of such an enterprise is the scarcity of historical evidence about women's actual reading in the Elizabethan period.
Doctors discovered that he has dyslexia, a learning disorder with symptoms that include difficulty reading, spelling, and writing.
How might the services of paraprofessionals be used in teaching and learning situations, especially reading instruction?
For example, a child who scores lower on a standardized reading test than on an IQ test might be classified as having a reading disability.
The brain pathway for normal reading has also been identified (from visual area to angular gyrus to Wernicke's area to Broca's area), as have the sequences involved in memory storage.
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