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For Jerrold loved the company of his fellows, and in their presence his wit and skill at repartee had free, often dominating play, for he was the loudest as well as the readiest of talkers.
Yet, for borderland Iban, the readiest representations of modernity are to be found not within Indonesia but, across the border, in Malaysia.
It is here, in the frequent points of crossover between Palmer's essentially historical study and Spenser's epic poem, that students of Renaissance literature will find readiest and fruitfullest use for this study.
In Holland's version of Plutarch, the same passage reads as follows: "But like as worms breed most of all and soonest in firm, tender and sweet wood: even so, for the most part, the generous and gentle natures, and those minds that are more ingenuous, honest, amiable, and mild than others, are readiest to receive and nourish the flatterer that hangeth upon him" (38).
Baxter wenton to declare, "He is the best scholar who hath the readiest passage from the ear to the brain, but he is the best Christian who hath the readiest passage from the brain to the heart" (153).
Wagner has become, predictably, the readiest target for this.
At each stage, Socrates says, "the boy who shows himself always readiest must be chosen to join a select number" (637a1.
associated Peter with Mountjoy (not only because of the Devon connection but for reasons I'll mention in a moment), then Ford and Daniel may be implicated only incidentally, not as West Country poets but as protobiographers whose elegies constituted the readiest sources for Mountjoy's life and death.
The readiest analogy is the site of Potterne, Wiltshire, 15 km to the northwest of East Chisenbury (Gingell & Lawson 1984; 1985; Lawson 1994).
writes that "the church presents the readiest opportunity for most Americans to engage in a discourse for public good" (76), and that "religion has been throughout history and remains today the central source of criticism and resistance to the state" (80), one may ask what Christian denomination(s) he has in mind.
The play's readiest source of laughter, the clownish Launcelot, is also part of Lamos's strategy to provoke the audience into thought.
Winston (1965), who makes a similar point, cites as supporting evidence Veblen's quote that "A life of leisure is the readiest and most conclusive evidence of pecuniary strength, and therefore of superior force; provided always that the gentleman of leisure can live in manifest ease and comfort".
All emphasize the central notion that a settlement is not only the quickest and readiest resolution of a dispute, it is also ordinarily the most final.
They would want the most ill to have the readiest access to care, discharge to be appropriate, and aftercare needs met for all.
The countries that are readiest for e-business to take off--those that combine good connectivity with a favourable business environment--occupy roughly the top third of the places in the rankings.