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Some principals have better credentials than others; for those who we find ready to keep up with our changes, we will make them readier and for those we feel are not ready, we will offer them our support and make them ready
The readier access provided to the monitor, the more likely the monitor is to accept representations from the company about the progress of its compliance program and report favorably on the board's commitment.
Alston said he feels readier than at any point in his Oregon career, thanks to the fact that, last spring, he suddenly realized that he finally understood the offense - its terminology and concepts and assignments - and grasped it to the point that he could run and react without having to think through every step.
And indeed it seems the ICC is readier to accuse an African leader than a Western head of state, even though there are many who believe that directly or indirectly President Bush is responsible for and should answer for the brutality and mayhem he unleashed upon Iraq.
gestures of defense' (xii) than in prior works, and L-L is also readier to find in Benjamin and in Adorno a counter reading to Heidegger's appropriation of Holderlin and German romanticism in general.
Generally, a protest group's choice of tactics is related to its ability to gain political access without using disruption, with groups enjoying readier access to policymakers having less need for disruptive tactics (Wolfsfeld, 1988, 131).
And if his commitment to the Corps weren't testament enough to his willingness to serve, Sage's past few weeks in the limelight have made him all the readier.
Yet for all their retrospective remorse over the wholesale slaughter of the Jews back then," Podhoretz sneers, "the Europeans seem no readier to lift a finger to prevent a second Holocaust than they were the first time around.
Washington may become readier to envision a more robust EU defense option in conjunction with NATO, but any shift will be paired with pressure from a more cost-conscious Washington for increased European military spending.
He is now readier than he has ever been for a season of night league racing at Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in Princeton (which begins the first week of January) and master's-level competition up north.
All signs are that both the United States and North Korea are readier than ever to work toward achieving the goals of the Feb.
Consequently, the social work sector in 2007 feels readier to welcome this site than was the case a few years ago.
The Aspenites correctly urge that eligible students be given readier access to tutoring and the other privately provided services NCLB requires.
Moreover, in Merton's view, since the contemplative was more sensitive than most people to the richness and unity of being, he or she would be readier than most to work towards the unity of all human beings.
He also sees some benefits from these changes: "The flip side of this concentration," he expounded, "is that as media owners become larger, and consequently better able to control their own destiny; they will be much readier to invest in new products, especially in multimedia, the Internet and digital outlets.