read cover to cover

read something (from) cover to cover

to read something from the beginning to the end. The newspaper comes before breakfast and my husband reads it cover to cover while he's eating.
See also: cover, read
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Every single Thursday morning I'd pick up my copy, read cover to cover within 24 hours, allowing album reviews to dictate that weekend's musical purchases.
Reference works, monographs, law books and conference proceedings are not read cover to cover.
That being said, How to Win Your Tax Audit is an excellent resource to read cover to cover to prepare oneself in case the worst happens--or prior to consulting a trained legal professional in an expensive bill-by-the-hour setting
Accessible and reader-friendly, Da Vinci's Baby Boomer Survival Guide deserves to be read cover to cover by every baby boomer, and is a welcome addition to public library collections.
I believe I read cover to cover nearly every issue of The Industry Standard, Red Herring, Business 2.
This book can certainly be read cover to cover, but in-between, there is truly something for everybody.
More rarely, one is written that you really want to read cover to cover.
Not many magazines I read cover to cover but yours I do
I, too, still refer to my copy of "The Complete Book of Practical Reloading" that I purchased and read cover to cover in early 1977.
Starting with the newest, which I read cover to cover, I then scan through past issues to mark stories that I would like to read again.
A thoroughly accessible biography, From Harvard to Hagerman is a thought-provoking read cover to cover about identifying and going after what one truly desires most of all.
Intended as a resource guide, Performance Management isn't meant to be read cover to cover.
I had been subscribed to motorsport magazines that I was supposed to read cover to cover, and my father called me down whenever a race came on TV, all with a firm but benevolent attitude.
His hobbies included gardening and he was an avid reader of history both past and present, and the daily newspapers, which he read cover to cover.