react to

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react to someone or something

to act in response to someone or something. You made some very good points. I would like to take some time to react to you. How did Mary react to the news?
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Next, we gave our users a quick and dirty way to react to content they connect with.
Their Blue LIght Aware video shows drivers how to react to an emergency service driver on a blue light run.
New Delhi,February 12 (ANI):Reacting to Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik's statement,India on Thursday said that New Delhi would react to Pakistan's response to its dossier on Mumbai terror attacks after receiving it formally and studying it.
Cllr Robertson said: "With so little time to react, we were bounced into having to react to something when clearly compromise could have been reached.
The third group, the "Cool Kids," react to advertising in a much more complex fashion.
Second, other people know authenticity when they see it, and they will react to you based on whether you're authentic or not.
Immune cells react to fragments of protein molecules, and myelin contains more than one protein.
Farnham has noticed that conjunctivitis seems to be more common among those who react to oak and birch trees.
What's more, she adds, anxiety might make some people react to a placebo.
As seen in figure 4, the acid and carbodiimide react to form an intermediate which rearranges to give an N-acyl urea.
Leading Grocers Rely on Aldata Flexible Supply Chain Capabilities, Including Product Sourcing, To Quickly React to Citrus Crop Devastation
The React Labs technology utilizes a mobile app that enables users to react to an event moment by moment.
Now, a study of gustatory physiology suggests that raw garlic's characteristic spiciness stems from its capacity to open channels on nerve cells that react to both tastes and noxious temperatures.
It is the way you react to losing a goal and we didn't react too well.
The final essential element for success is teaching the defensive lineman how to react to the movement of the offensive lineman's hip.