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re-collect (oneself)

To become composed again, especially after one has been flustered or confused.
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Re-Collecting Black Hawk puts forth a provocative and thorough examination of how a historical Sac and Fox leader has been reduced to a footnote.
Clarifying who I am involves discovering early introjections and dis-identifying with them, discovering all the many projections and re-collecting them, and discovering the other psychical subjects who populate the unconscious and forming alliances with them.
The cost of re-collecting unacceptable samples reflects wasted real dollars incurred to rectify the non-conforming first sample.
While the logistics of loaning, maintaining, and re-collecting more than 9,600 laptops are formidable (see "Laptop Management: How It Works," page 34), Owen says the bigger job for her is getting teachers to build their lessons around the technology.
But as Woods was re-collecting himself with a birdie on the 12th, the Scot was missing an important putt on the 13th.
Woolpert addresses discrepancies on the punch list by revisiting a site, re-collecting data, or reshooting a photo.
Re-: Re-Flecting, Re-Membering, Re-Collecting, Re-Selecting, Re-Warding, Re-Wording, Re-Iterating, Re-et-Cetra-Ing (in) Hegel.
He seeks to find out where that is and whether it is worth re-collecting .
Lew contributes an informative, thought-provoking essay on Chung's poetics that's unfortunately rife with clunky cultural studies jargon ("the poet's re-collecting intervention in.
But when measured against the expense of storing and growing out seed, re-collecting samples from well-catalogued in situ preserves in response to requests may be economically feasible.
In addition, lost or stolen cards can be canceled and changed without the expense and time of retaking a photo and re-collecting information.
He is Tom, the teenaged boy whom the narrator wistfully recollects in Nocturnes for the King of Naples--almost literally re-collecting him, that is, piece by piece from broken wholeness, until he is re-created from memory and thus restored to the narrative's present tense: "what is happening now is his step up onto the diving board, his pause, and then his slow stride and the bounce up into the night sky, where he clasps his knees, somersaults--and remains, dark pine trees all around the blazing sapphire pool.
Though "On Recollection" and "On Imagination" do not celebrate God per se, they celebrate Wheatley's re-collecting of the images of God and her self.
The term tmesis, the free art of cuts, merits highlighting here; the Greek verb temnein, translated by Schestag as "teilen, schneiden," brings together the rewriting, with partitioning italics, and the cutting that might be called reading (collecting and re-collecting, connected with the Greek legein, lexis, logos, loi and in the end, again, nomos/onomos): a taking and naming.
Moreover, it is not an isolated trend but one that parallels broader developments in heritage re-interpretation in Indonesia (Sastramidjaja 2015), and these young people are not the only ones re-collecting the colonial in Jakarta.