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re-collect (oneself)

To become composed again, especially after one has been flustered or confused.
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A brilliant kick-off from Westoe saw them re-collect the ball and fly-half Mark Bedworth, who pulled the strings all day for Westoe, found space from an inside pass to score Westoe's third try.
When this is happening it is important for you to get away from the situation to give yourself a chance to calm down and re-collect.
A potential problem faced by IVM is the lack of sustained interest by communities that are responsible for the maintenance of IVM strategies--for instance, ensuring that water does not re-collect in ditches.
An opportunity for a group of nurse scholars from the past four decades of postgraduate nursing education to meet together and re-collect their memories birthed this paper.
There was a small crew from Waste Management, and the company arranged for a large open-top container to re-collect the trash.
In that way, if a physician intends to send a specimen and does not do so, at least the lab has early warning that a specimen is missing and can notify the physician's office in time to recover the missing material or re-collect it if possible.
In order to take a NIR spectral measurement, the system must be able to illuminate a powder through a window in the blending bin, re-collect light scattered from the sample and route it to a detection system.