raze to the ground

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raze something to the ground

to tear down something, usually a building, to ground level. The council decided to raze the old city hall to the ground. This building is to be razed to the ground.
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MAN RAZE Thursday Dec 4: Barfly, Birmingham Tickets: 0844 847 2424.
Each year smoking kills over 4,000 West Virginians," Paul Nusbaum, secretary for the Department of Health and Human Resources, which funds the Raze program, said.
Hit a note: Raze sings with the McKenzie Touring Company comedy quartet; Over Time, an international-champion senior quartet; and the Cascade Chorus, which performs Sept.
In May, the board asked voters to approve $300,000 from the town's Stabilization Fund to raze the structures, which have not been used in years.
Olson's effort came after a conflict last summer over attempts to raze the nearby Weatherwolde Castle to make way for new houses.
The trial of Raze Technologies' SkyFire(TM) system is the first in a series of technology tests planned as Clearwire gears up to begin its national rollout with the introduction of services into new markets in 2002.
WEST BOYLSTON - Voters on Monday purchased several utility vehicles to keep the town's fields and cemetery in good condition and authorized cameras for the schools, but they drew the line at spending $300,000 to raze the Helen C.
Malouf closed escrow last week on the four-bedroom, 2,500-square-foot castle, buying it from developer Scott Anderson who had planned to raze the Commerce Street house to make way for three new homes.
BreakThru" requires players to raze a wall brick by brick.
Plano-based Raze Technologies took the first steps today to introduce fixed wireless broadband into non-metro communities.
Meanwhile, forces razed the evacuated Israeli Dothan military camp to the south of Jenin; more than 15 military vehicles and bulldozers stormed the evacuated camp and proceeded to raze the area.
Published on Thursday, 06 February 2014 11:25 PNN Israeli forces started Thursday morning, to raze an agricultural land in Wadi Fokin, west of Bethlehem.
the College razed four properties over winter break and will raze four more in the summer.
Raze Technologies, a leader in fixed wireless access equipment, today announced the filing of 15 patents.
A witness told WAFA that Israeli army bulldozers stormed the area and proceeded to raze a land planted with olive trees.