raw deal

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raw deal

An unfair situation or poor treatment. Mandy really got a raw deal at that job. They passed her over for so many promotions!
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*raw deal

an instance of unfair or bad treatment. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Mary got a raw deal on her traffic ticket. She was innocent, but she had to pay a big fine. I bought a used TV that worked for two days and then quit. I sure got a raw deal. You sure had a raw deal.
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raw deal

An instance of unfair or harsh treatment, as in After 25 years with the bank Bob got a raw deal-no pension, no retirement benefits of any kind, just a gold watch. Raw here means "crude" or "unfair." [First half of 1900s]
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a raw (or rough) deal

a situation in which someone receives unfair or harsh treatment. informal
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a raw/rough ˈdeal

unfair treatment: Many old people feel they are getting a raw deal from the state: they pay money towards a pension all their working life but discover it isn’t worth much when they retire.
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a raw deal

n. an unfair deal; unfair treatment. My last job was a raw deal. I hope this is better.
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raw deal

An instance of unfair treatment: got a raw deal from our insurance company.
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Asheville: The Raw Deal Raw/Vegan Support Group: Raw/Vegan support group forming in Asheville.
Tryin' to get my hands on some Grants like Horace Yeah, livin' the raw deal, three course meals Spaghetti, fettuccini, and veal But still everything's real in the field But don't knock me for tryin' to bury Seven zeros, over in Rio de Janeiry Ain't nobody's hero, but I wanna be heard On your Hot 9-7 everyday, that's my word
I think it's because people are afraid that Americans always get a raw deal.
THE ex-Wolves manager, John Barnwell, believes football managers are getting a raw deal when it comes to their pay packet.
It's sad to see a company be in so much of a hurry to unilaterally impose such a raw deal on workers who helped them through a recession," Davis said.
Archibald said: "He got a raw deal at Hibs but I don't think it helped that he went through so many different managers.
Yet one more instance of the Birmingham-based Centro organisation giving the long-suffering operators, drivers and bus passengers in Coventry a very raw deal.
Stockton South Conservative MP James Wharton said: "We keep hearing stories the North gets a raw deal but these figures just do not bear that out.
SIR - We read a lot about struggling first-time buyers and social housing improvements, but what about the raw deal that private tenants get?
He has had a raw deal in recent years and has not been as influential as he'd have liked as a result.
Macmillan Cancer Support is campaigning for fair hospital parking and wants to hear both the bad and good stories from patients to understand which areas are getting a raw deal and which should be shared with other trusts to benefit more sufferers.
We feel we have had a bit of a raw deal," said trust secretary and architect Jim Coul-son, who helped restore the building.
Forward Fulton, 24, had a raw deal in spells with Texas Wildcatters in the United States plus Vancouver Cannucks' farm team Victoria Salmon Kings in Canada.
Which politician claimed British forces get a raw deal over their leave as he met troops in Afghanistan?
Scarecrows often get a bit of a raw deal in films, and are portrayed as being creepy, so to learn more about the farmers' friend, log on to www.