raving mad/bonkers

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(stark) raving mad

Totally crazy or eccentric; filled with an excessive amount of emotion, especially anger or excitement. I know you'll probably think I'm raving mad, but I sold all my possessions and am moving to a small village in China. The announcement drove fans stark raving mad, as it will be the first new album the band has released in over 10 years. The boss is stark raving bonkers after I bungled the expense reports.
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(stark) raving ˈmad/ˈbonkers

(informal) completely crazy; suddenly very angry with somebody: Are you stark raving mad, jumping off a moving train?When I told her I’d crashed her car, she went stark raving bonkers.
See also: bonkers, mad, raving
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HAVE the BBC gone stark raving mad, pulling the plug on Last of the Summer Wine; the best programme on TV?
When she saw the news coverage of the convention she was outraged: "The eleven o'clock news made the whole conference look like we were stark raving mad.
Brisbane yachtsman Peter Harburg has purchased the 66-footer, Stark Raving Mad, in California with the intention of campaigning her at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.
Mfu, raised from seed a good boy - to do all he could - never went raving mad at his father, never shied from work, one to never mope: therefore when father said hold the shaving mirror for the white man, he held the shaving mirror for the white man, teaching himself to read the inscription: Kaloderma Shaving Soap.
He will soon be seen in Stark Raving Mad, a heist movie set in a rave bar set for release in the fall, and Two Cops, to be directed by Ron Shelton and starring Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett.
He said: "If you had said we would be in this position, with seven wins in a row after that first half against Ipswich, I would have said you were raving mad.
Have the managers of our local society gone stark raving mad and not learnt from the past errors.
That said, I would have been going stark raving mad if it was Rodwell or Coleman
Three In A Bed (Channel 4, 8pm) NO, THE powers that be at Channel 4 haven't gone stark raving mad and decided to air a documentary series examining the pros and cons of swinging before the watershed.
Karl, dissed by his father and infantilized by his mother (he does display a certain childish temperament--stark raving mad one minute, happy-go-lucky the next), turns out to be more of a chip-off-the-old-block than he ever imagined.
on drugs, raving mad or just lost on the way to Ikea?
They just think I'm stark raving mad, nothing out of the ordinary I suppose.